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How To – How much will it cost to get the Blower Motor replaced in your heater?

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    HVAC Systems use the blower motor to feed warm and cold air to the rooms of your house year round. The only time they don’t seem to be working is for a few months in the fall and spring when the weather is mild enough to not need heating or air conditioning.

    Because they work so often they need to be made to run for many hours before replacement is necessary but like all things …

    How To – One Hour Home Energy Audit Checklist

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      This quick checklist will let you evaluate many of the worst energy wasting culprits in your home.

      It is not to be considered a be all end all survey of your home but it may point out areas that need some attention.

      For a full energy audit you may be able to contact your local electric company for free or low cost evaluation of your home. If you do ask someone in to inspect your home …

      How To – Wood Burning Fireplace Guide

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        Many older homes and even some new homes have wood burning fireplaces.  For most of the year they are not much more then decoration but for those few months in the winter they can add warmth and pleasure to your home.

        One of the biggest concerns about fireplaces is that you are actually making a conscious decision to light a fire inside your home. Yes this is a little crazy …

        How To – Energy Saving Tips For Winter Heating

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          If your Electric, Gas or Oil Heating bills have you wondering where all your money is going then we have a few simple tips that can reduce your costs and improve the livability of your home.

          Unfortunately the cost to heat your home always seems to be on the rise. There are many reasons for this but due to inflation and increased costs for labor by your utility provider you can expect that prices will …

          How To – Preventing Mold And Insulation of Heating Ducts in Crawl Spaces

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            One of our visitors from the Seattle Washington area asks about a problem with condensation on his duct work leaving some mold growth due to moisture in his crawl space.

            The problem they are having is that their home has a partial basement and a dirt crawl space under part of the home. The area that is concrete is not having a problem but the area that has open dirt is.

            Seattle is a pretty interesting …

            How To – Water Heaters

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              Water heaters are one of the larger utility items that a home owner can replace by themselves. Unfortunately the weight of the water heater and its size make it difficult to get rid of. When purchasing a new water heater you will have to decide if you are willing to go through the hassle or pay $150 for someone to install a new one who will take your old one away as …

              How To – Servicing Your Homes Exterior Air Conditioning Condenser Unit

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                One of the most important things about reducing the cost of replacement is to service your home’s mechanical equipment on a regular basis.

                If you have a whole house HVAC Air Conditioning system then you have probably noticed that large thing sitting on the side of your house that has a fan and makes noise.. This is your Air Conditioner Condenser Unit.

                At first glance it may seem daunting to try to service this piece of …

                How To – Denim Post Production Waste As An Insulation Alternative To Fiberglass

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                  The use of fiberglass and foam insulation in homes has been widely accepted as the cheapest and most efficient method of reducing heat loss however there are organizations that are experimenting with the use of post manufacturing waste as an alternative.

                  America and the world wears a lot of Denim and cotton products that produce huge amounts of waste for the manufacture. Although Cotton being a natural fiber will break down much quicker then a …

                  How To – Fixing An Electric Water Heater That Is Getting Too Hot – Thermostat

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                    It may sound strange but one of the problems when your water heater malfunctions is that it can allow the water to get too hot.

                    The reason this happens is because the thermostat on your water heater has malfunctioned and it is allowing the heating element to remain on at all times instead of cycling on and off as heat is needed.

                    The symptom for this problem is steaming hot water coming out of your faucets …

                    How To – Working Safe Around Buried Gas Lines

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                      Every year there are thousands of accidents due to improper digging around utilities in our yards that go unreported. For the most part when there is a mistake which causes puncture on a residential line or one in the street no one gets hurt but in some cases tragedy happens.

                      For this reason it is always important to understand where your utility lines are located and the methods for avoiding them.

                      Where are primary gas pipelines …