CAD and Building Plans

How To Get Blueprints of your Home to use for Projects

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    If you are considering a home project that requires plans of your home you might be wondering where do you go to get them.

    If you are lucky and your home was built in the past 15 years or so the company that built your home may have included a set of plans when you bought the house. However it may cost you a few hundred dollars for a set because architects that design homes …

    How To Gather design ideas for your remodeling project

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      Many of us have a developed design style that we have built up over many years. Whether good or bad it is a part of us that has grown from our childhood home of our parents, our relatives and our friends. We also pick up design choices from television, magazines and homes and buildings that we visit.

      In the end what we believe is right is what makes us feel most …

      How To – Hiring a Landscape Architect Steps and Costs

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        Not every job around your property requires a professional but when you are making dramatic changes, changing the grade of the soil, or installing retaining walls over four feet in height it really benefits you to work with a Landscape Architect.

        For some projects you will actually need a Landscape Architect to provide plans to your local building official. Grading a large property in a way that can change water runoff or if you are …

        How To – The importance of Having a Plan no matter the Project Size

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          Having worked in a variety of different fields and with many different groups of people there is one thing that in hind sight makes the difference between a project going well or lots of havoc.

          No matter how many times you have gone to the supermarket for food you know that you are more likely to get in and out of the store with exactly what you need if you made a list. You may find that …

          DoubleCAD Offering Free Online Training Webcasts

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            IMSI Makers of DoubleCad and other Cad Software applications will be offering free training throughout the month of July.

            The program that started in June offered 2 classes and this month they are expecting to offer about 6 more live sessions.

            DoubleCAD is a free and paid Cad Program that has many of the features found in highend Cad Systems like AutoCad but at the cost of FREE it is one of the best deals out …

            DoubleCad 2D Drafting For Free

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              Having to generate technical drawings from time to time it has been nice to have access to products that can get the job done right and do it without costing a lot.

              Well Imsi just released DoubleCad a 2D drafting product that is suppose to exceed the features found in AutoCad LT.

              There are 2 versions of DoubelCad… the free version and the pro but for light use most users can get away with the free version.

              What to look for in a Basic Drafting Software Package

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                In 1984 I got my first taste of CAD Computer Aided Drafting with AutoCad 2.something and since that time there is no way that I would go back to drawing by hand. The features that were available in that software are still pretty much the same and remain the basic tools for drafters, architects and engineers.

                Today’s CAD Drafting Software can provide the user with a variety of internal and add-on features. Everything from 3D rendering of your project with animated …