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How To Get A Great Lawn With Sod Or Hydroseeding

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    One of our Canadian friends is asking about a new lot home that has just been finished. It was an owner built with some contractors to provide help and now he is at the point where he needs a nice yard.

    He has been asking around about the costs of putting in a sod lawn and we also wanted to talk with him about the options of Hydroseeding. His main concern is the cost of …

    How To Cut Out The Lawn Care Service And Have A Great Yard For Very Little Money

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      A friend is asking for some help with their yard. It seems that they have a few neighbors that are complaining about their property and they don’t have a lot of money to hire professional services.So, we are going to take this opportunity to give a few secrets we have learned over the years to manage your yard and home to get the most out of it for very little money.

      Honestly if you are …

      How To Pick a Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower

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        If you have a small yard or if you just don’t feel comfortable driving a large lawn mower there is a good solution that might save you money and space in your garage. Rear engine riding lawn mowers are a really good solution for many home owners and they don’t cost that much unless you are adding lots of special features.

        So, the first thing we have to understand is why on some riding mowers …

        How To Lawn Tractor Grass Catching Systems

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          If you are considering buying a new or used Riding Lawn Mower then one of the most common options is a Grass Catcher System or Bagger. Depending on what brand and size Lawn Tractor you purchase the option may be included or pre-installed even though you will pay more than for one without but it does speed your ability to use it instead of purchasing one separately.

          Normally if you purchase a new lawn tractor …

          How To Pick The Right Chemicals For Your Lawn And Garden

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            Spring is here and if you have a lawn or garden to take care of then you are probably going to need some type of chemicals to get rid of weeds or remove grass and weeds from areas you don’t want them to grow.

            When picking chemicals at the store there are two main ways we often go about it. First is we look for brand names that we know. We might not have even …

            How To Paint and Restore Your Rusty Lawnmower to Almost Brand New

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              Of the tools we have around the house our lawnmowers are probably one of the more expensive items but the fact is we grow dependent on them so keeping them in good working order means they last longer and work better while we have them.

              Over time no matter how well you maintain and clean the debris from the bottom of your lawnmower deck it will begin to rust. This is because even light grass blades will …

              How To Treat for Weeds at the end of the Summer

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       Summer is almost over and the temperatures in the daytime are starting to come down. Taking care of the garden and your lawn is less of a chore and it almost seems nice to get outside for a while.

                If you are like most of us you have been battling weeds. My home abuts a large field that is full of weeds and lucky for me the wind normally blows from that direction bringing an …

                How To – Waiting for the Rain before Applying Granular Garden Products

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                  For most people with moderate to large size lawns the choice of granular based products for fertilizer and weed killers is an important way to save money and get the best performance.

                  Early in the spring is the best time to apply pre-emergent crab grass killer and fertilizer but for the best results you want to wait until a day or two before it rains that way the product can dissolve and get to root …

                  How To – Tree Stump Removal Methods and Costs

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                    Not every tree stump needs to be removed but if you are cutting down a tree in your front yard, in a high traffic area where kids will play or where you will picnic then it makes sense to have the stump removed.

                    For small trees with trunks under 10 inches wide you can normally dig around the base of the tree and remove the stump with a chainsaw by cutting back the roots. Unfortunately …

                    How To – Benefits and Costs of using Sod to establish your Lawn

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                      While almost every new home has it’s lawn established by seeding there are benefits of using Sod Grass in certain situations.

                      If you watch remodeling or flipping shows on television you will see them use Sod for any job that needs a new lawn because the time required to grow new grass is not within their taping schedule. However if you are flipping homes in real life the cost of sodding an entire lawn will …