How To Pour A New Concrete Slab Over An Older Damage Slab

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    A friend asks about their garage floor that they are using as an exercise room and is wondering what is the best method they can use to level the floor with a new slab placed on top of it. The existing job was performed maybe 40 years ago along with deterioration there are many cracks and unlevel areas. They are also wondering about a smooth vs brushed finish for the floor. They have talked with …

    How To Pour A Concrete Slab For Your Trashcans

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      One of my final fall projects is to pour a small concrete slab for my trashcans to sit on. Until now I have been placing them in the same spot that the slab will go but once winter comes I will need something more substantial to place them on and I will also need some type of fencing to hold them in place during the harsh winter winds.

      Probably the hardest thing about this project has …

      How To Buy a Good Set of Jack Stands for your Vehicle

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        If you are a home mechanic there may be times when you need to get under your car to make repairs and at those times you want to do it as safely as you can. A friend recently asked about the differences of Jack Stands and I thought I would share some of the advice I gave them.

        The first things you want to do when considering jack stands or car ramps for your garage is …

        How To Harvest Your Home Parts Inventory from Stuff You Throw Away

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          Over the years I have found that some of the best parts I have used on my projects have come from things that I may have thrown away. It really doesn’t take that much time and the idea behind this is that when something breaks in your home there are probably a lot of parts on it that you can save and put into your parts inventory.

          Something as simple as screws that hold a radio …

          How To Diagnose a Check Engine Light before you bring your Car for Service

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            One of the worst things to see while you’re driving is a amber Check Engine Light. Diagnosing what the problem is before you seek professional help may save you hundreds of dollars.

            The first thing to know when you see a check engine light is that you need to take care of it immediately. Even if your car is still running smooth the problem could be something that could get very expensive if you don’t …

            How to Drill a Square Hole Without Special Tools

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              So this is a quick question from one of our friends. They ask how do you make a square hole in something without special tools?

              This is pretty common and depending on the material you are working with the tools you will use will be slightly different but it is possible to make pretty good square holes in things with common tools you probably have in your shop.

              The first thing you need to do is …

              How To Get The Best Repair Service For Your Nail Gun

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                A friend asks: My dad needs to get his nail gun repaired and he rather have a shop fix it than fix it himself. What is the best place to take it for repair?

                So this is a common question. Where do you go when your high dollar Nail Gun brakes. Well the first thing is if you don’t feel you are up to doing the work you should look into having a repair shop …

                How To Select the right wrenchs for your toolbox

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                  When selecting a wrench set for your toolbox you have many options including the types and quality of wrenches to select from. The one thing to remember is that wrenches come in two different measurements metric wrenches and SAE or American measurement standards.

                  Depending on the application you may want to use hand wrenches, ratchet wrenches or you may want to use use wrenches or sockets an electric or air powered power tools.

                  For the lightest …

                  How To Clean Your Spark Plugs and Diagnose Problems

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                    In this how to we will be looking at a few problems that you might have with your lawnmower or vehicle’s spark plugs. Although eventually you may need to replace your plugs you normally shouldn’t have to do it due to fouling or physical damage. If you do have fowling or physical damage to your plugs you will need to cure that problem or your new plugs will have the same problem.

                    There are a …

                    How To Service Tips When Buying A Used Lawnmower

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                      Recently I picked up a used riding mower and I am making a list of things to do so I thought it would be a good time to talk about what you should do if you purchase a used lawn mower.

                      Lawnmower servicing is really a great introduction to engine care for your car. If you are or have a teenager you should get them involved in the care of your lawn equipment because it …