Pest Control

How To Prevent Pests from Entering Your Home

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    In this How To a friend is asking about the best way to seal their foundation and areas at ground level to help prevent pests from entering their home.

    We have crickets and mice during the summer so we need to fill the cracks between our siding and foundation. We tried to caulk it with polyurethane caulking.

    Well at least they made an attempt and although its pretty ugly work it may help some. Unfortunately bugs …

    How To Stop The Spring Ant Invasion Dead In Their Tracks

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      Its that time again and this is kind of a follow up post about handling ant problems in your home.  Every year we have ants when it first gets warm. It seems they know there is a source of food and water in our kitchen and for ants it doesn’t take much to make them happy.

      You don’t have to have a dirty house or forget to wash the counter tops although if you …

      How to – Sterilize Garden Soil of Pests and Bacteria without harsh Chemicals

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        As Gardeners we all understand that at times there is a need to use chemicals in our garden to protect and improve our crops.

        The most common chemicals we use are chemical based fertilizers and soil conditioners like lime that improve the health of our plants. Often these chemicals are safer for the home or small gardener and cheaper for larger farms then the alternative of organic products.

        When it comes to pesticides, fungicides and anti bacterial products …

        How To – Protecting Your Garden from Japanese Beetles

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          The Japanese beetle has been a problem in gardens since the early 1900’s when it first entered the USA through New Jersey. Since that time it has found very few natural enemys which has allowed it to grow freely in the eastern united states .. those states east of the Mississippi River.. however western states like Arkansas and Iowa have seen populations causing problems.

          Both the Grubs or larval stage and Adults are a pest …

          How To – Using Pesticides to protect your home and garden from bugs and grubs

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            Your lawn is really just a jungle for a variety of different pests and when they get hungry they can cause your grass problems and if they get real hungry they may start coming inside your home.

            Preventing pests is easier then curing an infestation. Unfortunately because of the vast number of pests in your garden and the ones that go untreated in your neighbors yard the best you can hope for is a manageable …

            How To – Cockroaches Control and Inspection

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              Although Cockroaches may be considered a pest because they look pretty nasty they can also be dangerous to your health causing gastrointestinal and respiratory illness. The latest research also shows that cockroach debris (old shells, body parts, and droppings) triggers asthma attacks in people who are sensitized to cockroach allergen.

              Which homes should be checked?

              Any home with food or moisture in it can have cockroaches. Often, apartment buildings have the worst infestations. A home …

              How To – Dealing With An Ant Invasion

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                Ants can be a problem any time of the year but they are likely to start their invasion in mid-spring to early summer when they come out of winter dormancy and begin to search farther from their homes for food.

                Ants are definitely attracted to our garbage and once one ant finds your trash can they will return to the colony and alert all of their friends of an abundant food source. For this reason …

                How To – Fighting A Bed Bug Infestation

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                  Bed Bugs have been getting a lot of news lately and the rise in the numbers found in Northeastern cities has become a serious problem. Although the bed bug does not normally spread disease it can like many other pests carry diseases that are serious or deadly to humans.

                  Bed bugs feed on Human or Animal Blood.

                  Most often you will find bed bugs in natural fiber materials in your home. They like to infest beds …

                  How To – Safety and Pesticides in Your Home

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                    Some of the most dangerous chemicals that the average person will come in contact with are used in and around your home. They come in many forms: Powders or Granules, Liquids and Sprays and although government regulations mandate labeling many times the labels go unread by the end users.

                    Pesticides, Herbicides, Wood Preservatives, Paints, Fertilizers, Fuels, cleaning and other products are all at the top of the list of things you should take …

                    Bugs in your Garden

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                      Not all insects are pests in fact a great many of them are beneficial

                      Pollinators like the Bees are one of the most important beneficial insects but
                      other insects can reduce your need for chemical insecticides and chemical fertilizers.

                      ladybug beetle – loves to eat aphids a main pest of most gardens.

                      Praying Mantis – eats many common pest insects.

                      Honey Bee – pollinates flowers and fruit

                      common Worms – break down compost and build good soil.

                      Some of the harmful insects for your landscape include:

                      Carpenter Ants
                      Red …