Tax Rebates

Remember To Take Your Tax Refunds For Home Improvements

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    Well if you haven’t started yet now is about the time you should think about collecting all of your forms and preparing your taxes. One good thing you may not have realized is there are a lot of home improvement incentives that can reduce your taxes.

    Under the The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 tax incentives are available for those who made energy efficient upgrades to their homes through December 31, 2010.

    And …

    Portland Oregon Giving You $50 To Plant A Tree

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      Can one tree make a difference?

      Well to find out it won’t cost you anything if you live in Portland, Oregon.

      Every tree planted in Portland contributes to cleaner rivers and streams. So, if you plant a tree on your residential property, you can receive a rebate of up to $50 for native trees.

      Receive a credit on your utility bill (50% of purchase price up to $40, up to $50 if the tree is a Willamette Valley native)

      Rebates …

      How To – Finding Energy Star Rebate Programs

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        The Federal Government works with product manufacturers and distributors to provide discounts on products used in our businesses and homes that reduce energy consumption.

        Often the rebate information is listed on the product in the store when you purchase it but more often then not rebates never make it to the consumer.

        You also have situations where a retailer might push a non-rebate product over a rebated product because they make more on …

        Arkansas – Energy Incentives And Tax Rebates

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          State Eletric Buy Back Info

          Arkansas requires surplus electric to be purchased by the utility and applied to your next months bill.

          Arkansas Energy Office
          One Capitol Mall, Suite 4B/215
          Little Rock, AR 72201
          Phone: (501) 682-2460
          Phone: (800) 275-2672
          Fax: (501) 682-2703
          Web site:


          First Electric Cooperative

          Provides low interest loans for home upgrades including water heaters, generators, doors, windows and other products.

          First Electric Cooperative
          1000 South J.P. Wright Loop Road
          Jacksonville, AR 72076
          Phone: (501) 982-4545
          Phone 2: (800) 489-7405…

          Arizona – Energy Incentives And Tax Rebates

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            Photovoltaic Rebate of up to $75,000 based on output and you must connect to the grid.

            Energy Efficient Air conditioner rebate of up to $400 per unit 5 unit max per house


            428 E. Thunderbird Road #749
            Phoenix, AZ 85022
            Phone: (602) 216-0318
            Web site:


            State Tax incentives

            Whole House Upgrades 5% or $5,000.

            Solar incentives include a 25% tax write off up to $1,000 for home owners.

            Wood Stove  $500 …

            Alaska – Energy Incentives And Tax Rebates

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              Alaska Housing Finance Corporation
              Research Information Center
              POB 101020
              Anchorage, AK 99503
              Phone: (800) 478-4636
              Phone: (907) 330-8164
              Fax: (907) 338-1747
              Web site:


              Golden Valley Electric Association

              Offers rebates for energy saving devices such as car warmers, Lighting and Water Heaters. They also offer rebates for installs of Photovoltaics, Wind, Biomass

              Golden Valley Electric Association
              758 Illinois Street
              PO Box 71249
              Fairbanks, AK 99707-1249
              Phone: (907) 452-1151
              Web site:


               Alaska Housing Finance Corporation

              The Home …

              Alabama – Energy Incentives And Tax Rebates

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                Alabama has some really unique government and utilitie company rebates and incentives to help you transition your home from standard fuel sources to solar, heat pumps, wood burning and other alternatives


                For instance State Tax Law will allow you to take a first year 100% deduction if you turn your homes heating over to wood burning.

                There are other incentives for Solar and for installing Heat Pumps

                Wiregrass Electric Cooperative
                will give you a free energy efficent water heater if you meet their programs …

                Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency

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                  Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency have expired in congress in the year 2008.

                  This is a very sad situation because at this time it is very important to foster the use of alternative energy.

                  For more information please visit

                  Contact your Congress and Senate Representative and ask them to renew and increase rebates and incentives for alternative fuels, Solar, Wind and other products put in place on our homes and businesses.

                  This Page will be updated when the programs are put …

                  South Carolina Solar Tax Credits

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                    An individual or business can take a state income tax credit equal to 25% of the costs of solar equipment per facility which may be used for heating water, space heating, air cooling, or the generation of electricity in or on a facility in South Carolina and owned by the taxpayer.

                    The credit also applies to controls, tanks, pumps, heat exchangers, and other equipment used directly and exclusively for the solar energy system. The term ?system? does not include any land …

                    California – Energy Incentives And Tax Rebates

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                      Alameda Power & Telecom

                      AP&T has a number of different programs

                      $50 rebate on Refrigerators
                      Electric Bill discounts if you buy an electric car
                      Solar rebates based on the size of your system
                      80% rebate of the cost for Weatherization of your home

                      Alameda Power & Telecom
                      Solar Electric Rebate Program
                      P.O. Box H
                      Alameda, CA 94501
                      Phone: (510) 814-6403
                      Web site:


                      Anaheim Public Utilities

                      Wide Variety of Appliance Rebates

                      They also offer loans for home upgrades

                      Anaheim Public Utilities
                      1440 S. State College Blvd.
                      Suite 2F
                      Anaheim, CA 92806
                      Phone: …