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How To How Long Should You Wait Before Staining Your New Deck?

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    If you have a pressure treated deck and you thought that it would be low maintenance then think again. Although it will last about 15 years and that is much longer than untreated wood, you can expect to be staining and treating it every other or every 3 years as long as you have it. Now if you have a roofed off porch or a gazebo the area that is protected will last much longer …

    How To choose between Deck Stain and Waterproof Sealer

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      Every deck is a bit different and depending on the area of the country the type of wood used in its manufacture can vary a lot too. For most of the country a pressure treated wood deck made of a pine wood is pretty much the standard and because we all want something that looks nice the next step after installing it is sealing or staining it.

      So, should you choose a Solid Stain, Transparent Stain …

      How to clean mold fungus and dirt from your exterior vinyl siding

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        If you own a home with vinyl siding the maintenance factors are pretty low in comparison to other options like brick, stone and light weight artificial stone products. Vinyl is produced to last your home about 30 years give or take and the amount of time that it will last depends on how well you keep it clean and the UV Rays that break it down over time.

        If you are like most home owners …

        How To – Joist Beam Dimension Chart for Deck Building

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          The following chart provides the distances and sizes of lumber necessary to build the beams that support your deck.

          The size on the left column describes the size of the beam necessary.

          For instance the left column may say 2-2×10″ which means you need to use Two – 2 inch x 10 inch boards that are nailed together to build the beam that supports your joists.

          When in doubt use a larger size beam meaning go up …

          How To – Adding a Chain to Secure your Storm Door

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            Storm Doors are great features for homes and they provide a variety of different features from security to increased protection from wind and rain.

            The one feature that most storm doors do not come with is a chain that restricts how wide the door can open. This really is an important feature for most home owners because wind can pull a door out of your hand and cause it to hit something. Also children, friends …

            How To – What is the Best Deck Stain?

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              Every few years we have to take a weekend and stain the wood on our deck to protect it from the elements.

              If it has been a few years since your last refinishing then your trip to the local supply store may have you wondering about the available products and prices even if you are staying with the same manufacturer you originally used.

              Price is a concern for every project and if you are like me …

              How To – Buying a Garden Shed and knowing your options

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                garden shedThere are many different options when selecting a Garden Shed and the ones you choose will be reflected in the final price.

                You can purchase sheds pre-made from a local business or select from a variety sold by national building supply chains.

                You can also purchase the materials and build your own shed but you will need to submit a plan to your local building official. That is another thing that you must remember… most locations require …

                How To – Keeping your Deck from Cracking in the Hot Summer Sun

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                  Wood is a natural material that will react to the elements and for that reason it is important that you take care of any exterior structures that may get beat by the hot summer sun.

                  This year has been especially hot and dry and although you may think at first that dry wood is good you might also notice that the spaces between your decking are getting wider and if you have any cracks they …

                  How To – Maintenance Tips for Mold Free Composite Deck Materials

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                    Composite Deck Materials used for Deck Surfaces, Railing, Balusters and Steps have been in use for more then 15 years in the United States and although they are low care product they are not maintenance free.

                    Because composite materials use a high content of plastics they are less prone to absorb water. Wood decking that is pressure treated has a chemical injected in it that treats the wood to reduce its breakdown when molds, fungus …

                    How To – Installing A Ledger For Your Deck Or Porch

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                      Probably the most important part of your deck or porch addition is how it is fastened to your home.

                      With so many different design options for your addition there is really only one way to attach the most important structural part of your deck and that is by using a ledger board and carriage bolts as fasteners.

                      Some contractors will have you believe that you can simply nail or lag bolt or build a …