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How To – Keeping your Deck from Cracking in the Hot Summer Sun

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    Wood is a natural material that will react to the elements and for that reason it is important that you take care of any exterior structures that may get beat by the hot summer sun.

    This year has been especially hot and dry and although you may think at first that dry wood is good you might also notice that the spaces between your decking are getting wider and if you have any cracks they …

    How To – Maintenance Tips for Mold Free Composite Deck Materials

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      Composite Deck Materials used for Deck Surfaces, Railing, Balusters and Steps have been in use for more then 15 years in the United States and although they are low care product they are not maintenance free.

      Because composite materials use a high content of plastics they are less prone to absorb water. Wood decking that is pressure treated has a chemical injected in it that treats the wood to reduce its breakdown when molds, fungus …

      How To – Installing A Ledger For Your Deck Or Porch

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        Probably the most important part of your deck or porch addition is how it is fastened to your home.

        With so many different design options for your addition there is really only one way to attach the most important structural part of your deck and that is by using a ledger board and carriage bolts as fasteners.

        Some contractors will have you believe that you can simply nail or lag bolt or build a …

        How To – Wood, Metal Or Poly Plastic Garden Sheds Which Is Best?

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          There are a number of different choices when you are looking to purchase a Garden Shed and with all types you must consider the size and whether you will purchase a kit or have a completed shed delivered.

          For the most part when you purchase a wood shed they will come pre-assembled and will most likely require only leveling of the ground or placing of concrete blocks to position the shed in its permanent place.

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          How To – Refinish And Stain Outdoor Wood Bench

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            In this HowTo we will cover the basic steps of restaining an outside bench that has had its finish ruined by the elements.

            There are 4 pages to this HowTo

            To perform the work you will need.

            Electric Sander
            1 Pack of assorted Sandpaper
            Paint Scraper
            Good Quality Nylon Brush
            Brush Cleaner
            Small Can Of Wood Stain
            Small Can Of Urethane Sealer
            Spray Can of Flat Black Paint
            Masking Tape
            Old News Paper
            Plastic Tarp

            Cost for restoring this bench will be …

            How To – Bark Side Up Or Down – Decks Shingles

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              As often as every deck is built the question arises should you place the bark side up when you install the decking or should you place the board so the bark side is down.? The reason for this is to reduce cupping or warpage of the board. In shingling the same is true there is an inside and outside of many shingles.

              Here we will take a look at …

              How To – Installing Shed Tie Downs

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                Well you just bought your new shed and the building inspector tells you that you need to install Tie Downs to pass your inspection.

                So what are Tie Downs and Why Do you need them?

                In areas prone to high winds small out building like sheds can cause some serious damage if they are lifted off their foundation and blown into a house or car. For this reason many local …

                How To – Organizing Your Shed With Shelves And Tool Racks

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                  So you bought a shed or built one to put all your stuff in but it seems that everything ends up in a pile in the corner and it is just as bad as when it was all in your garage. Well in an afternoon with a few tools you can put your storage in order and finally stop tripping over the lawn mower every time you need …

                  How To – Building A Beam For Your Deck

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                    Decks and Porch additions require that the joists be connected to the home with a Ledger Board and joist hangers. On the opposite side (away from the home) you rest the joists on top of a beam that is supported by posts.

                    In this HowTo we will cover the steps for installing the posts and building the beam for our deck project.

                    When designing your deck you will know its dimensions in our project …