How To Replace Your Garage Lights With LED Lights

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    If you are considering upgrading your Garage Lighting with LED Bulbs there are some things you should keep in mind before you start. Although LED Bulbs do use less energy than regular incandescent lights the savings they provide over florescent shop lights is not quite as much.

    If you are simply replacing ceiling bulbs that are incandescent or florescent with LED screw in Bulbs then you are ready to go. Just install them and they …

    How To Diagnose Flickering Florescent Lighting Problems

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      If you have a florescent light in your home that likes to act up sometimes there may be a quick fix or the bulbs might just be cold but sometimes the ballast can go bad and require replacement.

      How do you figure out if it is something small or a new part is required?

      The first thing you want to do is turn the fixture on and let it run for about a minute. If it …

      How To Pick The Right LED Light Bulbs For Your Home

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        There are many reasons that you might want to upgrade your home’s lighting and with the variety of different options we wanted to take a look at the different types of LED Light Bulbs that are now starting to come down in price.

        The cost of incandescent bulbs had been attractive for many years and although there was a transition to compact fluorescent bulbs this came with a price. Although fluorescent bulbs used about 70% …

        How To – Compact Florescent Bulbs Quick Use Guide

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          Here are some tips to using CFL Bulbs in your home.
          Can I use a a CFL Bulb in Fixtures with Dimmer Switches?
          Yes you can. But you need to purchase CFL Bulbs that are specifically designed to be dimmed. Not all bulbs can be dimmed.
          Can I use a CFL Bulb in my lamp with a 3 Way Adjustment?
          Yes you can use standard CFL Bulbs in your 3way lamp and have one level of brightness on …

          How To – Choosing the right size Chandelier for your room

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            Each home is different and lighting choices are best made to accentuate the design and also provide functional lighting.

            Many people who shop for Chandeliers will pick a fixture that is either over sized for the room because it look attractive in a show room or they will pick one that requires supplemental lighting.

            This normally results in costly returns with restocking fees if your supplier will even accept a return on a special order item …

            How To – Design Ideas To Improve Dull Hallways

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              All Products : Winsome Wood Hall Table with 4 Drawers, BlackHallways are for getting from one room to another and we don’t spend most of our time there so they often go overlooked when you are designing your home’s Decor however because they may offer some of the largest available wall space there are ways to make use of them.
              Hallway Design Considerations
              The the most important thing when deciding to add style in your hallways it …

              How To – Low Voltage Exterior Lighting Options For The Holidays

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                The Fall season means you will be preparing for a number of coming holidays. With the holidays come visitors and you may want to decorate the exterior of your home to make it more inviting or you may just want to provide some extra light outside of your home so guests that arrive after dark won’t be tripping on the way to your door.

                The benefit of low voltage lighting is that you normally can …

                How To – Full Sized LED Light Bulbs Can They Replace Regular Bulbs?

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                  As you probably know the standard incandescent light bulb that most of us grew up using has now been phased out by the EPA and most homes have started replacing their lighting with more efficient compact florescent bulbs.

                  Unfortunately there are a number of drawbacks with compact florescent designs.

                  The first problem most of us find is the ability to dim the bulb. Florescent bulbs can be dimmed but the cost of building a dimmable bulb …

                  How To – Extending A Garage Light Circuit To Add A Garage Door Opener

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                    This is a pretty specific HowTo that I hope will help some home owners that are faced with adding an outlet for their Garage Door Opener when a feed from the nearest closest outlet is obstructed.

                    I came across this problem when a neighbor asked to borrow a pair of needle nosed pliers because he was having another neighbor add two outlets in his garage and they couldn’t get the twist on the wire tight …