How To Pick The Right LED Light Bulbs For Your Home

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    There are many reasons that you might want to upgrade your home’s lighting and with the variety of different options we wanted to take a look at the different types of LED Light Bulbs that are now starting to come down in price.

    The cost of incandescent bulbs had been attractive for many years and although there was a transition to compact fluorescent bulbs this came with a price. Although fluorescent bulbs used about 70% less electricity than incandescent bulbs they were still fluorescent technology which meant the first generation gave off a green hue and the latest models still have the drawback of not being able to be dimmed and the mercury problems if they brake.

    LED bulbs have been around since Compact Fluorescent bulbs started to come down in price but as each technology takes hold the costs were much higher.

    Two of the best features of LED bulbs are that some models are dimable and they can also be used in the cold for outside or unheated garages. This is a very important factor for many people because when it is cold out fluorescent bulbs flicker and pop and don’t attain full brightness for many minutes if at all.

    At the time of writing standard 60w equivalent bulbs are in the $3 range and dimable lights are still more expensive so you might want to wait until your dimable lights actually need replacing or prices come down.


    An additional feature of LED Bulbs is that the color temperature is really easy to obtain so you can buy soft light at 2700k or bright daylight bulbs at 5000k and use them for different areas of your home.

    Everyone is use to using soft white light bulbs but the higher color temperature 5000k bulbs are good for areas where you need light that approaches the quality of daylight.

    Daylight bulbs are great to use in the winter especially in the early morning and evening hours where days are cut short. By using two or three daylight bulbs in a bedroom or office you can offset the sluggishness you feel due to shorter days. As the Sun goes down or before it comes up use the lights and you will feel better and less tired. Or at least thats what they say you should do on TV. I am not a Doctor.

    Daylight bulbs are also good for people that like to paint or if you are a studio photographer. They will allow you to get your color temperatures to the right area where you won’t be compensating with paint hue to match your colors.

    Daylight bulbs are also good for outdoors for walkway and spot lights. They are very bright and might not seem pleasing visually but they do seem to give a better lighting for safety.

    Physical shape of the bulbs might be slightly different than what you are use to however manufacturers do make conventionally shaped bulbs for exposed or open lighting.

    Final Note

    As with all new technologies there is a transition period. Right now we are at the point where prices are coming down and soon we will be at the point where greater function is available.

    When choosing between daylight and soft light bulbs take into account the setting. Daylight bulbs do offer unique features but conventional soft light is what most of us are use to living with.

    Remember to check the lumin rating when selecting a bulb. You want to replace bulbs with equal values or maybe slightly higher output if you can.

    If you have fluorescent bulbs outdoors or lights that are in cold areas such as a garage or basement in the winter and they flicker or are not as bright as they should be then try some LED bulbs they will probably perform much better in those conditions.



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