How To Save Your Recorded Television Files For Later Viewing

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    Whether you just cut the cord and you are on an Antenna or if you are still on Cable and you want to create an archive of shows for later watching there are some good, better and best ways to create your archive and play it back on your devices.

    For Cable subscribers you will have to get a device that can use a CableCard. It is a credit card sized card that your cable …

    How To Setup A Media Server For Your Home

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      If you are someone that records TV off of Antenna or Cable or maybe you are someone that takes a lot of video on your phone and you need a central place to store it so all of your devices can access the content and offload for storage then you should consider setting up a media server in your home.

      In our home we have the ability to access our NAS server from each of …

      How To Properly Ground Your Outdoor Antenna

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        There are a number of people that are cutting the cord and moving to Antenna only or a combination of Antenna and Streaming as a lower cost solution for their home entertainment.

        With this requires the use of an antenna to pick up local or even not so local broadcasts. The farther the broadcast tower is from you and the more obstructions between you and your broadcaster’s tower will force you to choose a roof …

        How To Use Your Television As A Computer Monitor

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          There are many reasons that people look into using their Television as a computer monitor. The first is that they may want to play videos or streaming content on a second monitor and space considerations of having both a television and a monitor come into play. The second is wanting to perform some work at home or have a second device for other family members. Whatever your reason for using your television as a computer …

          How To Mix Android TV And Antenna Stations

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            There are a lot of people that are cutting the cord to save money on their cable television bill and manufacturers are starting to take notice in an important way.

            Previously if you wanted to watch Antenna TV and also make use of the Internet for shows you can’t get or specialty networks like HBO you had to use separate inputs on your television and you had to go through a number of menus just to …

            How To Use Your Existing Cable or Dish Coax For Antenna Installs

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              If you are contemplating cutting the cord and going with an antenna and a broadband subscription for Netflix, Hulu and whatever else then one of the hardest parts is rewiring your home. In many cases homes that already have a Dish or Cable TV subscription have existing coax to each room. The quality of the install including the layout, coax type and equipment such as splitters will differ based on the age of the home …

              How To Evaluate Cable VS Streaming for Quality and Cost

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                If you are considering dropping your cable tv subscription and moving to streaming as an alternative there are a number of things that you need to understand before you cut the cord.

                Although cable justifiably gets a bad rap because it is overly expensive and the content on the 150 stations you might have in your package is normally duplicated and often shows that have been off the air for 10 years. To pay $100 …

                How To Why are Large Antennas better than Small Amplified Antennas?

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                  If you are considering installing an antenna for OTA Broadcasts you will have a lot of choices when it comes to antennas. The first thing that you want to do is find out what type of signal you have in your area. A good site for this is because they will allow you to put in your GPS coordinates and the height of the antenna and get a pretty good reading on what …

                  How To Record Shows Off of Cable TV and Create your own TV Archive Free

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                    If you are a cable tv subscriber and are considering cutting the cord because of cost and moving to an antenna I have a word of advice before you do. One thing that most people never think of when they have cable is the idea that one day they might move to Antenna only or they might go to Antenna and a Streaming Service.

                    Streaming Services such as Hulu, Youtube, Amazon Prime and a few …

                    How To Reduce Your Cable Internet Bill

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                      If you are in an area that provides internet over your cable tv company’s line then you have probably looked at the costs involved. The first thing you should know is that if you are a large data user the major internet providers are going to limit your data download amount with what is called a Data Cap. Although there are FCC rules that force cable and phone providers to provide open access and …