How To – Choosing And Installing A Television Satellite Dish

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    With the Digital Transition now in effect this is probably a good time to evaluate your home television reception and what possibilities you have for improving it.

    If you live near a metropolitan area you may have seen the transition to digital provide a few extra channels to your over the air lineup. Many major stations have begun offering 24 hour news or weather stations while others have introduced sports channels and other offerings only …

    How To – Wireless Network Security Measures For Home And Office

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      Search : Linksys WRT54GS Wireless-G Broadband Router with SpeedBoosterMany homes and businesses now use Wireless technology to connect their portable computers and devices to their network and to provide a network infrastructure without the need to hardwire to each device location.

      The ability to quickly add devices or allow an interface to your network is important but if security is not properly implemented you may find that others have quick and easy access to your network …

      Buying Guide – VOIP Internet Based Phone Services Are They A Good Deal?

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        Everyone wants to save money on their utility bills and VOIP internet based phone services have exclaimed best service at the lowest cost but what are you really getting and how much are you really paying.

        Voice Over Internet Protocol services have been around for about 10 years now. Some services provide computer to computer connections only while others allow you to connect from your network connection to a land line or cell phone at …