How To What To Do If The Kitchen Sink Won’t Drain

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    A friend of ours asks about a kitchen sink that had been draining slowly for some time and now it is very clogged. It seems that they tried removing the p-trap under the sink already and found that it was free of obstructions. They then replaced the p-trap to find that the sink is now so clogged that they need to plunge it to get water to move.

    In this case they did the right …

    How To Quick Guide For Staining Decks

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      If you have a wood deck then it is important that you maintain its finish and keep it clean between stainings to extend the life of the materials and reduce costly repairs. Eventually you will need to replace boards on your deck from deterioration but with proper cleaning and staining you can expect 15 to 25 years from your deck.
      Cleaning Your Deck Before You Stain It
      As you can imagine its always important that you …

      How To Save Your Recorded Television Files For Later Viewing

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        Whether you just cut the cord and you are on an Antenna or if you are still on Cable and you want to create an archive of shows for later watching there are some good, better and best ways to create your archive and play it back on your devices.

        For Cable subscribers you will have to get a device that can use a CableCard. It is a credit card sized card that your cable …

        How To Tell If You Have A Bad Engine Head Gasket

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          A major problem on many vehicles is a bad head gasket and sometimes simple replacement of the gasket will cure the problem completely but other times you will need to have your block or head resurfaced by a machine shop. Before you get into a costly situation that can leave you without your car for many days or sometimes weeks depending on how bad it is you want to make sure that the head …

          How To Tell If Your Fuel Pump Is Bad And Needs To Be Replaced

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            On older classic cars the fuel pump was part of the engine and cars that had carburetors had a fuel bowl that would hold enough gas to get your car started and allow the fuel pump to start pumping gas to your engine. Today most cars even carburetored engines have an electric fuel pump that sends fuel to the engine but all fuel injected vehicles have them and its probably likely that your car …

            How To Grow Vegetables Indoors During The Winter

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              If you are someone that likes to garden or if you would just like to have a small supply of freshly grown vegetables for your table there are a few plants that do well enough indoors during the winter that they are worth giving a try.

              If you are a seasoned gardener then you may already be set up to grow your seedlings for transplanting in the spring. Cold Weather plants seem to do the …

              How To Find The Best Land For Your Homestead

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                A lot of people are considering homesteading as a primary lifestyle and if you are thinking about it yourself then one of the first things you have to decide on is the land you will purchase to build your home.

                Finding land can be difficult but it is not impossible and even finding a good piece of land that you can afford is something most of us can do.

                For many people the ability to build …

                How To Make Better Use Of A Bricked In Garage Window

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                  A friend is asking about a garage window on the side of their home that has been partly bricked in by the previous owner. It seems that previously it was fitted with a double hung window but now there is a pattern of brick that has been placed to offer ventilation and some light. Additionally it seems that on the interior the previous owner had ended up covering the window with plywood.

                  The first consideration …

                  How To Deal With Knob And Tube Wiring In Your Home

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                    It is 2018 as I am writing this and I still get an unimaginable number of people requesting help with Knob and Tube wiring in their homes. I find this totally unacceptable because this type of electrical wiring has not been installed in homes since the 1950’s at the latest but normal installs ended as far back as the 1930’s. This is basically technology from the 1800’s that was only used in later years …