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How To Remove And Prevent Water Spots On Your Windows

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    If you have ever washed your windows only to see spots reappear the next time it rains it can be pretty disappointing. You take that full day once or twice a year to go over every window, clean the glass and tracks and make sure that water is draining from the relief holes and within everything looks like new. Unfortunately it doesn’t last.

    One trick that I learned when working on cars was that you …

    How To – Re-key Your Locks Or Match A Whole House Set

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      There are times in a home’s life when you need to change the locks. This can be when a crazy person you were dating moves out or it could just be that you bought a new home and would rather the old owners didn’t still have working keys.

      You have a few options and maybe if the locks on the door are over 10 years old it might be a good time to think …

      How To – Shopping Tips when buying a New Garage Door

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        Its not every day that you shop for new doors for your home and your garage door is probably last on your list for replacement but either through age and wear or through damage there are times when you will need to replace your garage door.

        Getting the best deal on a new garage door means you need to understand what your options are and how you will get to the overall price. Although Garage Doors …

        How To – Adding a Chain to Secure your Storm Door

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          Storm Doors are great features for homes and they provide a variety of different features from security to increased protection from wind and rain.

          The one feature that most storm doors do not come with is a chain that restricts how wide the door can open. This really is an important feature for most home owners because wind can pull a door out of your hand and cause it to hit something. Also children, friends …

          How To – Repairing Damaged Window Screen

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            Although they normally last a very long time eventually most of us will need to replace our window screens due to damage or maybe age.

            The process of replacing a window screen is not that difficult and only requires a few basic tools. However because there is a little skill needed you might find that the first time you attempt this you might end up needing to redo your work to get better results.

            The first …

            How To – Measuring for New Window Blinds and Shades

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              You can purchase blinds in many different styles and colors and new window blinds will give your room a great new look for a relatively low cost.

              Most people are familiar with horizontal blinds traditionally used to cut sunlight this type of blind is normally installed on single windows or can be mounted together to cover openings with more then one window.

              For larger openings vertical blinds work well for sliding glass doors and bay windows …

              How To – The Easy way to Stop Squeaking Doors

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                We all have them .. doors that screech and squeal as we open them but for about 50 cents you can say goodbye to them forever.

                Many people try spray lubricants or or a can of oil but all they end up doing is covering the outside of the hinge with dust collecting slime. There are companies that will try to sell you special powders that you are suppose to spray on your hinges and …

                How To – Measuring for Window Blinds

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                  Window Blinds
                  Most new home owners will need a quick and attractive way to cover their windows for privacy.
                  One of the least expensive methods is using a do it yourself window blind. In other HowTos we will cover how you install horizontal and vertical window blinds but before you get started you will have to take measurements and select your blinds at the store.
                  Most home centers and even some …

                  How To – Fixing A Hole In A Hollow Core Door

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                    Live in your home long enough and one of your interior doors is bound to get damaged. This usually happens when you are moving large furniture or when something falls on it but the end result is a hole that needs to be repaired.

                    Interior doors are relatively cheap and to keep the cost down manufacturers use a variety of different products. The edges of the door will be a pine or spruce frame to …

                    Remember To Take Your Tax Refunds For Home Improvements

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                      Well if you haven’t started yet now is about the time you should think about collecting all of your forms and preparing your taxes. One good thing you may not have realized is there are a lot of home improvement incentives that can reduce your taxes.

                      Under the The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 tax incentives are available for those who made energy efficient upgrades to their homes through December 31, 2010.

                      And …