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How To Ten Things You Should Know Before You Plant Trees In Your Yard

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    If you are doing some landscaping or maybe you just purchased a new home and are getting ready to plant a few Trees there are some precautions that you should consider before picking Trees that will outgrow your home.

    When considering trees that are near your home you have many factors to consider.

    First is will the tree spread end up extending over your home. This is really not a good thing and all areas will …

    How To Get rid of your Christmas Tree the easy way

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      So you decided this year would be a good time to try a real tree for Christmas but as hard as it was putting up you know its going to be just as hard or worse taking it down.

      Well really its not that difficult and with a few easy steps you can get all of your decorations safely packed away and your tree outside ready for recycling.

      The first thing we should talk about …

      How to Buy and Install a Real Christmas Tree

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        If you have never owned a real Christmas Tree then getting your first one will be quite an accomplishment. There are different dealers that sell Trees and many of them come off of commercial farms. You might find that a large retail center allows or rents space for a tree dealer in the corner of their parking lot or maybe a super store gets a delivery of a few dozen every couple weeks …

        How To Pick the right Bushes and Trees for your Home

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          Maybe you have been looking through magazines or noticing the gardens of the homes around your neighborhood and you are planning to do some upgrades in your yard. Before you do there are some things that you must understand about the types of plants you pick and their location in your yard.

          There are so many choices to be made in both the selection of the correct plant and the area you place it …

          How To – Whats a better deal Bulk Mulch or Mulch by the Bag?

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            Every spring we try to clean up our yards by planting new grass, killing weeds and putting mulch in our flower beds and around our trees but the cost of mulch, getting it home and applying it can lead to a soar back and a empty wallet.

            The first thing you should consider when deciding if you need a bulk delivery of mulch or just a few bags is how much you actually need.

            If you …

            How To – Tree Stump Removal Methods and Costs

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              Not every tree stump needs to be removed but if you are cutting down a tree in your front yard, in a high traffic area where kids will play or where you will picnic then it makes sense to have the stump removed.

              For small trees with trunks under 10 inches wide you can normally dig around the base of the tree and remove the stump with a chainsaw by cutting back the roots. Unfortunately …

              How To – Training and Pruning Fruit Trees for better health

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                Although many gardeners put off pruning and shaping of their fruit trees this can effect the overall health of your tree and the fruit that you hope to harvest.

                Training of your fruit trees should start the day that they are transplanted and continue until the point that they need to be replaced many years down the road. If you do not train your trees early on you may find that you will need to …

                How To – Summer Fruit Tree Care & Watering Will Improve Your Harvest

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                  Fruit Trees require care throughout the year in order to provide a great harvest in the fall or summer months. In addition to pruning back any damaged branches and protecting your trees from pests it is important to promote a healthy root system by watering and feeding during the dry season.

                  Most trees can survive a normal drought but when the summer heat is harsh and you haven’t seen rain for a while your fruit …

                  How To – Proper Storage Of Fireplace Wood

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                    Putting up wood for your fireplace or wood stove can be a lot of work especially if you cut the trees, make the rounds and split the logs yourself. Once you have completed your work in late summer and fall it is important to store your wood properly to not attract pests and to allow your wood to dry or stay dry for use.

                    When selecting your wood it is best to pick trees that …

                    How To – Proper Pruning Of Lower Branches To Provide Clearance For Pedestrians

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                      Whenever you prune a Tree improving its health should be your primary concern. This is also true when you need to prune trees that are within your property or near streets or walkways.

                      When planting your garden you should understand how your trees will grow over their lifetime that way you can provide enough room that natural growth can occur.

                      With established trees you must understand that simply pruning access towards the bottom of the tree …