How To Quick Guide For Staining Decks

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    If you have a wood deck then it is important that you maintain its finish and keep it clean between stainings to extend the life of the materials and reduce costly repairs. Eventually you will need to replace boards on your deck from deterioration but with proper cleaning and staining you can expect 15 to 25 years from your deck.
    Cleaning Your Deck Before You Stain It
    As you can imagine its always important that you …

    How To Make Better Use Of A Bricked In Garage Window

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      A friend is asking about a garage window on the side of their home that has been partly bricked in by the previous owner. It seems that previously it was fitted with a double hung window but now there is a pattern of brick that has been placed to offer ventilation and some light. Additionally it seems that on the interior the previous owner had ended up covering the window with plywood.

      The first consideration …

      How To Frame Stud Walls For A Rough Window Opening

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        If you are building your own home or if you are retrofitting your window openings for new windows it is important that you always follow the manufacture recommendations for door and window openings but in general all rough openings for windows and doors are made two inches wider and two inches taller than the size of the door or window that will fit the opening. Often this size is reduced to 1 inch on …

        How To Timber Frame Building And Cutting Your Own Lumber

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          One of the most expensive aspects of Timber Frame Building is the cost of the large dimension lumber that you need for construction. Not only is it expensive but the ability to purchase the materials will vary depending on where you are located. If you are considering building your own timber frame building and you have the resources in your area to cut your own or purchase raw logs for milling then you might …

          How To Introduction To SIPs Structural Insulated Panels In Home Building

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            There are a variety of different methods for framing, insulating and finishing interior walls in homes. Normally in conventional stick frame construction these trades are separated and the work is accomplished by different trades at different times in the project. In SIP construction these functions are merged in one step where exterior sheathing and interior drywall sandwiches an internal insulation to speed construction in a variety of building types.

            Initially SIPs were designed for timber …

            How To Understand Contractor Liability Insurance And Homeowner Responsibility

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              If you are looking to hire a contractor to work on your property there are some precautions that you should take before signing any contract and committing to having them perform the work. Simply because a contractor hands you a piece of paper that they want you to sign doesn’t mean that you have to agree to it. It may mean that they won’t perform the work if you don’t agree to all of …

              How To Repair A Window Sill On An Antique Home That Has Settling Problems

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                One of our friends writes and asks about a historic home that they have recently purchased that has some problems around one of their windows. The window has actually been replaced and it is functioning but the sill of the window / bottom window ledge is sagging pretty bad. A few professionals had the chance to look at the problem when he was making the purchase and didn’t believe it was something that was …

                How To Buy Or Build A Garden Shed And Whats Right For You

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                  In this How To we will look at the benefits and drawbacks of either buying or building your own garden shed. We will consider the costs and availability of materials and what extras you may not have considered when you thought you just wanted that extra room for the lawnmower.

                  Many people don’t realize that when you are building something as insignificant as a garden shed in your backyard you most likely will have to …

                  How To Refinish A Deck That Was Mistakenly Painted With Latex Paint

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                    One of our friends is asking for some help with his deck. He is a new home owner and wanted to clean up his deck and decided to use some primer and latex paint instead of staining. The results are pretty ugly and the paint is chipping off in wear areas and in random areas around the deck surface. Unfortunately it seems that he painted everything including the railings and steps and now doesn’t …

                    How To Repair Your Homes Rim Joist And Sill Plate

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                      A friend asks about some water damage he found along his foundation when he removed his deck and he is wondering just how hard it will be for him to do the work himself or if he needs to hire a structural engineer and a contractor.

                      The problem is pretty common on homes that have attached decks where the contractor didn’t take care to make sure the home was waterproofed before he attached the deck …