Wood Flooring

How To Removing Linoleum Tile From Wood

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    A friend that is remodeling their kitchen wants to remove their old linoleum flooring from wood wood floor that is under it. At that point they will make a decision if the wood floor is worth saving or if they will need to go with something else.

    Unfortunately removing old linoleum can be a difficult task because the tar based mastic that was used to attach it to the substraight many years ago is a really …

    How To Choose Between Real Wood and Wood Look Tile

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      A friend is thinking of installing new flooring in their Living Room / Great Room and they are trying to make the choice of a wood floor which they want or a tile alternative that looks like wood.

      They are considering the ceramic tile alternatives not the commercial grade fake rubber wood that you see in restaurants but in all reality neither product is wood and neither product is going to give them that wood floor …

      How To Refinish Old Beat Up Floors in a Victorian Home

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        A friend asks a question about some wood floors he discovered under his carpeting. The home is pretty old and as you will see the floors are distressed but no large cracks or heavy gashes.

        He says I have never done any flooring work so I have a couple questions.What should I fill the cracks in with? Should I just leave them and let them fill with polyurethane? What kind of sander is best? I’ve …

        How To – Choices For Hardwood Flooring

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          Flooring is a very personal and decorative part of any home. Products that work in one house may not be right for others no matter how much you fall in love with a look.

          Other important aspects are wear and comfort.  Although stone and tile are  your most durable products they are cold to your feet and not nice to lay on in front of the television. Carpet will last you only a set number …

          How To – Bamboo Flooring A Green Alternative

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            Bamboo flooring has made its way into design centers and is quickly being seen as a lower cost and green alternative to traditional hardwood floors.

            Because bamboo grows very quickly smaller amounts of land can be used to harvest larger amounts of material. Bamboo can grow to harvest size in just 5 years while traditional hardwoods like Oak might take 50 to 100 years or more.

            There are a variety of treatments including carbonizing and  staining …