How To Lay Tile In A New Shower Install Do The Floor Or Walls First?

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    This is a common question that I get a lot and there is some debate on which is better to install first the floor tile or the wall tile when you are installing a shower surround made of Tile.

    The first thing that you have to consider is that in all other places in your home when you are installing materials where water is a problem you want to start at the bottom and then …

    How To Kill And Remove Mold Found During A Bathroom Remodeling Project

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      A friend is remodeling their bathroom and found some mold that they need to kill and remove. Unlike most mold that people are worried about this mold is white but that does not mean it isn’t dangerous. So, what precautions should they take and how do they go about removing it?

      Mold will occur anywhere there is warmth, food and moisture. Because mold spores are constantly on everything including our bodies we have to take precautions …

      How To Repair Cracks And Pits In Granite Countertops

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        Eventually most people will have some type of problem with their granite countertop that needs repair. A friend asks how they can fill in a small surface crack so that it looks good and is sealed. As you may or may not be able to see from the image the countertop seems to have a crack that is caused by the natural stone material not being as strong in one area and then degrading. If …

        How To Replace Rotted Bathroom Sub Floor

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          One of our friends asks for some help with a bathroom repair that went bad. It seems that a fitting in their second floor bathroom was leaking so they turned the water off at the valve and removed the toilet. At that point they decided to replace the toilet and went to the store to purchase one. By the time they got back they found that the valve leaked enough water to fill their …

          How To Remove Caulk from Bathroom Tile

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            One of our friends asks about a remodeling job they are doing. It seems that the old shower doors on the bathtub needed to be removed but when they took down the glass doors down there was a large amount of caulk that was difficult to remove. They tried their best by using a razor blade but some still remains on the surface of the tile.

            This is a typical situation in bathrooms and its …

            How To Adding a dryer vent to a brick house Should you Hire Someone?

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              One of our friends asks about a new home they are buying. It seems that the hookup for the washer and dryer are in the basement but they want to move the washer and dryer to the first floor of the home.

              This might not be an extremely difficult task for a home owner to do but there are some other considerations. The home was built in about 1900 and it is brick. It seems …

              How To Repair A Bathtub With Pealing Paint

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                This happens to most people eventually. Their Bathtub starts looking bad because the paint is pealing or chipping or maybe there is even some rust starting to form. Eventually all metal products will rust and the paint will fail if you put it in use. Bathtubs don’t see a lot of use continually but over the years with the moisture and cracking of paint the tub will need fixing.

                Now the person asking for help …

                How To Gather design ideas for your remodeling project

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                  Many of us have a developed design style that we have built up over many years. Whether good or bad it is a part of us that has grown from our childhood home of our parents, our relatives and our friends. We also pick up design choices from television, magazines and homes and buildings that we visit.

                  In the end what we believe is right is what makes us feel most …

                  How To Remove Mold and Re-grout a Tile Shower Stall

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                    In this How To we will be covering the maintenance of a tile shower stall that has become very moldy.

                    A person asks what the best method to cure and them prevent black mold from growing in their shower stall. They also ask about grout sealers and specifically hydrophobic liquids that are now being used to protect painted surfaces.
                    How to cure Mold problems in Tile Shower Stalls
                    A properly designed and maintained shower should not become …

                    How To Install a Hanging Bathroom Cabinet The Easy Way

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                      If you have a small bathroom then storage is a must. You may find that installing shelves is an option but many people prefer to go with a basic hanging cabinet that can be positioned over your toilet.

                      The cost of these cabinets is pretty minimal. You can normally pick them up at a retail store or online for about $25 and they will help you maximize your space and let you store things like extra towels, …