How To Kill Weeds in your Vegetable Garden

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    The last couple years I have been neglecting my vegetable garden. We had a really bad rainy summer about 3 years back and it got hit by some blight and I figured I would let it set a while. Its small but I do rotate crops but eventually the soil will get mixed through and whatever problems I had will takeover the whole garden.

    While it was sitting the weeds took it over. I would go …

    How To Avoid the Biggest mistakes of a Beginner Gardener

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      Over the past few months we have been talking with gardeners and asking them what are some of the biggest mistakes you made when you first got into Gardening.

      This How To will cover some of them in hopes that you can avoid them.
      Over Planting and Not Pruning
      The first mistake that many people shared was that they didn’t give their vegetables enough room to grow. On your package of seeds or on your planing spikes …

      How To Learn to Can Fruit Vegetables and Food

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        In this How To Guide we are going to cover the beginning steps of understanding Canning. The process is not extremely difficult but you need to be careful to follow the canning procedures and a specific recipe that has been tested for canning.

        The first thing you are probably saying is I don’t want to follow someone else’s recipe but the thing is canning recipes are specifically designed so that when the food is processed …

        How To Size a Homestead Garden to Feed Your Family

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          A friend asks how much garden do they need to be self sustaining for homestead living? This is one of the first questions people ask when they look into the idea of Homestead living. They want to be off the grid and fully self sustaining but they have no background in anything related. This is a huge jump and without educating yourself you are likely to fail. You will fail because you don’t understand …

          How To Takeover A Previous Owners Vegetable Garden

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            If you are lucky enough to have just purchased a home or if for other reason you find yourself taking over someone else’s vegetable garden then there are a few things that you need to do before you get started with the new planting season.

            The first thing the you should do is remove all of the vegetation whether its dead vegetables from last year or weeds and discard it. Don’t try turning under …

            How To Preserve A Small Harvest of Tomatoes without Canning

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              A friend got a great deal on some tomatoes from a local farmer about three bushels full for $5 and was wondering what they could to to keep them without going through the hassle of canning them.

              Canning is a great process that lets you store foods in your pantry without refrigeration. Normally for home canners you need to increase the acid level of the food by adding vinegar then cook the food to …

              How To Understand Fertilizer Bag Numbers And What You Should Buy

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                Whether a fertilizer is organic meaning from animal waste or whether it is chemically synthesized either through concentration of the animal wast or from other sources there are only 3 main components that you need to understand.

                The Three main components of Fertilizer are Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium.

                Each of the three components have their place and depending on how you are using the product you will want to get different levels of each component in …

                How To Save Money and Eat For a Week on a Handful of Dollars

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                  Saving money is important for every family and just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be eating really good food.

                  Today I am going to share one recipe that will only cost you about $10 and an hour of preparation but it will last you an entire week. Well how long it lasts will depend on the size of your family.

                  Once a month I make homemade soup and it is very …

                  How To Plant a winter cover crop to control weeds in your garden

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                    If you are lucky enough to have farms in your area you might have noticed that at the end of Summer and early in Fall after they have harvested their main crop they plant a crop of winter wheat or something else that is often called a cover crop.

                    The reason behind planting a cover crop is to control weeds and to provide an organic material that can easily be turned into the soil …

                    How to – Prepare raspberry canes for the new season

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                      If you love Raspberries and most people do then the earliest part of spring is your last chance to get in a crop of plants before the season begins.  Unfortunately you might have a difficult time finding plants at your local big box store so you are going to have to be creative and reach out to some quality garden centers or possibly try visiting a local farm that sells retail and asking if they …