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How To – Moving Guide Taking care of Address and Other important Changes

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    When you move there are many things on your mind and although getting all of your stuff to your new place may be foremost on your mind there are a lot of other things that you need to take care of.

    The following guide should help you track down some of the things that people normally forget when moving.

    Contact your local post office and apply for a change of address. This is very important because …

    How To – Not Getting Ripped Off by Door To Door Contractors

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      The contracting business is in a pretty difficult stage today however it has always been a problem that in good times and bad people get ripped off by fly by night .. here today gone tomorrow contractors.

      This howto is not to say that all contractors that contact you first are bad. Many are looking for extra work to fill in their schedule and this is reasonable. However if you are going to contract with …

      How To – Tips for getting the best rates for Home Insurance

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        Whether you are purchasing a new home or evaluating your monthly bills it is important that when paying for insurance that you get a rate that will provide the most for your needs while not overpaying for services that you may not need.
        Using a Broker verses an Agent
        You may find that your insurance broker can provide you quotes from a variety of different companies based on the coverage that you …

        How To – Understanding Home Owner Associations Good And Bad

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          Today there seems to be a growing appeal for developers to build tracks of houses that are linked together in a Home Owner’s Association. The use of these organizations often benefits both the builder and local government but can often cause problems for the persons who buy homes in these areas.

          Unfortunately most people don’t truly understand that by buying a home in a area with a HOA you are giving up your rights. Most …

          Housing Market To Drop 20% Causing 2012 Recession

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            Housing market analysts expect a 20% drop in home values in 2012 that will trigger another fall in the economy.
            This new failure will be caused by a mixture of continued foreclosures and a glut of homes that can not be sold.

            Gary Shilling a major forecaster of the original housing market failure says we can expect the 2012 recession “no matter what action the Fed takes.” This is a rather interesting statement on top of criticism of previous …

            High Value Areas See Fewer Foreclosures And More Building In April 2011

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              Although much of the US is still lagging behind a few areas that attract customers with deep pockets are beginning to turn around a bit. In the resort area of Pikes Peak in Colorado new home permits were up about 7% in April from March of this year. This is a 50% increase over 2009 numbers.

              Foreclosure filings were also down by about 21%  from the same time last year. This indicates that at least …

              Without Fannie & Freddie Home Loans May Be At Shorter Terms

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                Many industry watchers are expecting the dissolving of  Fannie May and Freddie Mac home loan services that are backed loosely by an affiliation with the Federal Government. They are considered Quasi Federal Programs that work independently but also have Government protection.

                This connection to the Government is basically how loans were provided to persons that could not normally qualify for standard loans.  As we all know this lead to so many defaults by people who …

                How To – Obtaining A Home Rehabilitation Purchase Loan

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                  Many buyers look for fixer uppers to save money but instead of a home that may need new appliances, fixtures or a paint job a Rehabilitation Purchase Loan is for home that need a major amount of work before they are habitable.

                  Finding a lender to loan you money on a rehab project can be difficult. Lenders at the time of writing this are faced with a large number of homes on their books that …

                  How To – What Can You Expect If You Are At Risk For Home Foreclosure

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                    Owning a home today is more difficult then in the past. For most of us there is no such thing as job security our parents had and with that comes the inability to find good jobs that can cover all of your bills. If you are having financial problems that cause trouble with you repaying other bills you are likely wondering if you are at risk for foreclosure.

                    The following information comes partly from the …

                    How To – Steps To Hiring A Contractor

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                      Every project is different and the skills that a contractor needs to complete yours will vary. Unfortunately there is no perfect way to pick the right contractor especially when you haven’t worked with them before but lets go over a few tips that may help you reduce your headaches.

                      The first thing you need to realize is that nothing is ever perfect and every job will have its mistakes. This also means that every contractor will have a bad day or project …