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Construction Loans – Understanding Pulls

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    Although building your own home or tackling a large remodeling project can be difficult the more you understand about the process and the better you plan ahead will give you that margin to deal with the unknowns.

    You can think of it like planning a trip. You know where you are going to go and you know basically how much it will cost. You do some research on the …

    Understanding Fanny Mae & Freddie Mac Bailout And Your Home Loans

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      Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac have been around for many decades and were developed as Quasi Governmental Organizations to cover the home loans of America to secure the banking industry.

      What you need to know is that your home was probably covered under one of these banks. Whether you took out a subprimeĀ loan under $700,000 or a Fixed 30 year loan or a 5 year ARM the almost 10 …

      Understanding Flood Insurance

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        Some people believe that they are not at risk because their homes are located away from beaches andĀ rivers but most locations can be effected by localized flash floods and when large disasters occure along large or even moderately sized waterways damage can extend for dozens of miles.

        Flood insurance like earthquake coverage is a single peril insurance to protect your investment from dammage due to flood waters.

        To be considered a flood the water …

        The MLS System

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          One of the resources that all property investors should make use of is their local and the national Multi Listing Service, MLS System.

          The Realtors in your area and nationally depend on the MLS system to inform other Realtors about properties that are available by registered Realtors.

          This does not mean that every property in a given location will be listed on the MLS system it just means that Realtors have come together to pool their power over the buying and selling …