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How To Buying Water Supply And Waste Line Insurance

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    It has been getting pretty common for water companies and other third parties to offer you insurance that covers your water and waste lines both in the ground and inside your home. The coverage should repair any damage you have but are the costs of the insurance worth having?

    Repairing the water and waste lines between your home and the street hookups is your responsibility. It is work that you can often perform yourself but …

    How To Buy A Used Car From A Car Rental Company

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      A friend asks about purchasing a new vehicle that they saw listed with one of the national car rental chains and is wondering why the price is so low in relation to other dealers and private sales. So, this is something that almost everyone goes through. You might get a notice from your bank or another organization that you deal with that your local car rental company is offering some used cars that you should …

      How To Control Your Heating and Cooling Bill With A Range Limited Tamper Proof Thermostat

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        Do you have kids or family that lives with you? Maybe you are sharing a home and the heating bills are too high. Maybe you are renting a home for income and you need to place limits on how hot and cold your guests can make it while you’re away.

        Whatever the reason simply telling people to not adjust the thermostat settings is never enough.

        A friend of ours asks about this problem because he has a …

        How To Get A Free Home Energy Audit

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          During the extreme months of the year our energy bills really make us think about what improvements we could make to reduce our utility costs and improve the comfort of our home. Unfortunately the middle of winter or hottest days of the summer really aren’t the best time to perform the work but we will go over a few things that might help until temperatures are better.

          The first thing you want to do is compare …

          How To Perform a do it yourself Home Energy Audit

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            A friend that just bought a 1927 home is wondering what they can do to improve their home insulation and reduce their heating and cooling bills. Although best results would come from having a professional perform a home energy audit it is easy enough to do some of the steps yourself and see what types of results you can get before taking the next step of paying someone to audit your home.

            Some electric and gas …

            How To Quick Guide to Saving Money on your Home Gas Bill

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              In this guide we will look at some tips that should save you money during the heating season and maybe some money on the rest of the season too. The first thing you should do when assessing your Natural Gas or Propane bill is get a history of your account. You want to know not only the amounts that you have been paying but the volume of gas that you have been using because gas …

              How To Find Inexpensive Bed and Mattress Alternatives

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                A friend that is on a very tight budget asks about what alternatives there could be for a Bed and Mattress for about 4 months before they move across the country. They just need something more than the bare floor to sleep on and budget is their strong point.

                Now for many people the thought of paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a bed is nothing for them but remember in this case …

                How To Buy a Car New or Used which is Best?

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                  Honestly I don’t know why this is so much of a question today. There have been so many reports about buying new and used vehicles and how to get the best deal no matter what you are buying. However I guess there are a new crop of people that become first time car buyers that just don’t care enough to put the time in to research all of the issues. In that case …

                  How To Record Shows Off of Cable TV and Create your own TV Archive Free

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                    If you are a cable tv subscriber and are considering cutting the cord because of cost and moving to an antenna I have a word of advice before you do. One thing that most people never think of when they have cable is the idea that one day they might move to Antenna only or they might go to Antenna and a Streaming Service.

                    Streaming Services such as Hulu, Youtube, Amazon Prime and a few …

                    How To Tips for Saving Money when Using an Electric Stove

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                      If you grew up with a Gas Stove and have to Migrate to an Electric Stove or if you just have high costs from cooking we are going to give you a few really simple tips to save money while cooking.

                      With only a few exceptions will you find that Electric Range Cooking is up to the same service as Gas Ranges. And Cost in your area may depend on many factors so Gas may …