Saving Money

How To Save Money on your Car Insurance With Secret Discounts Mandated by Law

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    Did you know you can save money on your car insurance by telling your agent to implement Secret Discounts some of which are mandated by state laws?

    Well I guess I should really say its probably not a secret to your agent or the company you are with that these discounts exist .. its just that your agent has probably never told you about them and if the company did release the information to …

    How To Watch The Super Bowl in HDTV For Free

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      If you love sports you are probably planning to watch the Super Bowl next month but if you have a basic Cable TV Package you most likely don’t get HD Channels. Even if you do have an HD Package from your Cable Provider or on a Dish Subscription that HD provided over their network is normally not full 1080p HD. It may be called 1080p but the compression that they use to get …

      How To Stream Live Cable TV with Sling TV $20 A Month Service

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        So you have been thinking about your cable bill and cutting the cord but you’re not sure you want to go without some of your favorite networks on cable tv.

        Dish has a new offering called Sling TV that might help.

        The service is expected to launch relatively soon and be available for subscribers that have broadband connections. This means you will likely still have a bill from your cable company but you won’t be …

        How To Buy a Used Car from a Local Dealer for the Best Price

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          Its that time of year and people start looking for deals on vehicles expecting to get amazing discounts. Now before you start buying into that myth that the end of they year is when dealers want to get rid of every car on their lot you have to understand that dealers want to get rid of every car on their lot every day of the year.

          This is especially true for used vehicles because …

          How To Make your own Laundry Detergent and Save Hundreds of Dollars

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            Saving money is on everyone’s mind lately and there are a lot of things we can do without too much effort to keep money in our pockets. In some of our how tos we will look at learning how to can your own food, cook a great pizza so you don’t have to order out and buy in bulk to save money on other items.

            Today we are going to look at making liquid …

            How To save money on your Cable TV Package

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              In this how to we are going to cover some of the options that can save you money with your Cable TV Television Subscription Package. Most of the options will be available whether you are on the larger systems like Comcast, Cox or Time Warner and also on smaller regional systems.

              When it comes to Television Broadcasts it seems much of America has moved to Pay Subscription Service. This can mean buying service from …

              How To Complete Home Projects on a Budget

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                Other than actually completing the work, budgeting your home projects can be one of the more difficult tasks which limit things you might like to get done. This is true for any size project and most contractors will tell you that on your first few projects you should add 50% to the time and 15% to the cost of any job.

                Underestimation of cost and time which can also be labor costs if you …

                How To Reduce your Electric Bill with a Water Heater Timer

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                  While everyone is promoting the use of Compact Florescent and LED Light Bulbs to save money the reality is heating and cooling are the most expensive portions of our electric use.

                  To reduce the cost of Electric used for heating our homes most new homes will come with a programmable thermostat allowing the owner to set on and off times throughout the day and reduce heat and air conditioning use while no one is …

                  How to plan and remeber your home projects

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                    There are always things to do around the home whether it is the regular weekly tasks of cleaning and management or larger projects that take planning and setting aside of time to complete.

                    The one group of tasks that seems to get by me are the things you need to do to prepare for different seasons of the year. There are always things that you need to do to make your home ready whether it …

                    How To Optimize your time to take care of your home

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                      There areĀ  thousands of things we do around our home every year just to keep it in good shape and whether you are young or old the time it takes seems like a second job that keeps you away from your life. It really doesn’t matter what size your home is either. No matter if you live in a 100 acre estate or a single wide mobile home there are always things that keep …