How To Remove Moss Buildup On Your Roof

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    In areas with moderate humidity you are likely to find that the north side of your home or maybe more areas have moss or mold buildup. Not only can this be a visual problem but over time the buildup will cause breakdown of your shingles and it could lead to some serious damage.

    The best way to take care of this problem is to do general maintenance on your home yearly. You don’t want this problem …

    How To Prepare for the 5 Biggest Problems Facing a Home Owner

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      Whether you are a first time home owner or have lived in one for a long time there are a few things that can go wrong around your house that you need to prepare for before they go wrong. In some cases you will be able to decide whether you want to do the work yourself or hire it out to a contractor but sometimes there just isn’t a choice and you are stuck calling …

      How to Best Practices for Roof Mounted TV Antenna Installation

      Be Sociable, Share! an antenna should be planned and you should understand a bit about home construction before you get yourself into trouble.

        Personally I grew up with a tv antenna in our attic. It was fine because we had older construction with rafters instead of new construction with trusses. Trusses use smaller sized lumber but they pre build them in a layout that increases their stability. Rafters are single pieces of wood that run from the ridge …

        How To – Selecting the right plywood for residential construction

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          There are a variety of locations within your home where plywood is used.  Plywood can be constructed of either layers of wood that are glued together or chips of wood that are oriented to obtain a specific structural strength.

          Standard plywood is made of layers that are glued together.  When logs go through a plywood mill a thin layer of wood is stripped from the logs in a similar method to a pencil sharpener.  These …

          How To – Preparing Your home to survive a Wild Fire

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            Unfortunately many communities are hit by wild fires and your location in the United States really does not matter all areas are effected to some degree.

            Trying to protect your home from wild fires may not work in every situation but if you take steps before you are effected you may find that your home survives. We have all seen pictures where a few homes on a street survive without damage while the rest of …

            How To – Keeping It Clean With Rain Gutter Guards And Screens

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              If you live in an area with lots of trees you are bound to have to clean your gutters at least once a year.

              Doing so means pulling out the ladder usually on a cold day and scraping out rotting leaves, twigs and other things you may not even be able to recognize.

              To eliminate these problems there are a number of different Rain Gutter Protection Systems that you can add to your gutters in just …

              How To – Can You Install Your Own Solar Power System?

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                One of the larger costs in adding Solar Power to your home is the cost of labor.

                Although the process of installing Solar Panels is pretty simple and requires only basic Tools and Skills connecting any electrical generator to your home or modifying loads on your roof will require inspections and other steps that get in the way more then anything else.

                So, is it possible to do all the work yourself or do you definitely …

                How To – Replacing Old Roof Decking During Re-shingling

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                  Most roofs are shingled with asphalt shingles that can last between 15 and 30 years. The length of time between re-roofing your home will be based on many factors: the selection or quality of materials, the methods use to install the shingles, temperature changes and weather conditions in your area and even insulation and venting in your attic.

                  Normally roofs can be re-shingled without replacing the plywood decking however small leaks that occur around flashing, …

                  How To – Spring Roof Inspection – Find Problems Before The Rain

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                    Spring Showers bring Flowers but they also bring costly leaks that can ruin your ceilings, insulation, roof decking and just basically everything in your home. For that reason once it is nice enough to get outside you should take a couple hours and inspect your roof and gutters for any damage that may have occurred over the winter.

                    No matter where you live winter months can be harsh on roof systems. The snow that kids …