Remember To Take Your Tax Refunds For Home Improvements

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    Well if you haven’t started yet now is about the time you should think about collecting all of your forms and preparing your taxes. One good thing you may not have realized is there are a lot of home improvement incentives that can reduce your taxes.

    Under the The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 tax incentives are available for those who made energy efficient upgrades to their homes through December 31, 2010.

    And …

    How To – Replacing Missing Or Broken Asphalt Roof Shingles

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      Asphalt shingles although flexible in warm weather often incur damage during cold winter months during snow or rain storms. The reason for this is because the tar in the shingle hardens and the fiberglass backing becomes ridged and cracks.

      If you are watchful of your roof early fall inspections can help you find any loose ends of shingles which can be reattached with roofing cement or pure silicone. However once the shingle has cracked and …

      How To – Replacing Plumbing Vent Pipe Roof Flashing

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        Every sink or appliance in your home that exits water into your sewer system needs to have a vent pipe that extends up through the roof of your home. The reason vents are required is to allow fresh air into the waste line behind the water when you flush a toilet or drain a sink and to allow sewer gasses to escape outside the home.

        The vent works like a game you may have played …

        How To – Installing Metal Roofing Overview

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          Metal roofing has long been used in commercial and farming for protecting buildings but in the past 15 years or so metal roofing is finding its way into residential communities because it is easy to care for, has a long life and the added features of fire prevention and the ability to collect water from rainfall.

          If you are interested in installing a standing seam metal roof system on your home we will cover some …

          How To – Custom Seamless Gutters Vs Build Your Own

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            Gutter install companies have been touting the advantage of Seamless Gutters but what is the difference and is it any better then building your own gutters from readily available parts?

            Installing gutters yourself can be one of the easiest jobs you will ever do or it can be a real pain in the neck but that really doesn’t matter when you are deciding between seamless gutters and hand built gutters.

            A Seamless gutter is one that …

            HowTo – Cleaning Rain Gutters

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              Throughout the year gutters have the potential to get clogged with different types of materials usually tree leafs, seeds and pine needles… however there is always a possibility of a bird or bees building a hive or just random debris that end-up clogging your gutters and possibly causing water damage to your home.

              The importance of cleaning your gutters is to make sure that rain water is collected and diverted away from your foundation but …

              HowTo – Fixing Leaky Rain Gutters

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                A leaky rain gutter is never much fun and the problem is you won’t know if you have a problem until it starts raining or you happen to notice while cleaning out your gutters.

                If you have old gutters they may be made of galvanized steel and over time they can rust however even new aluminum and vinyl gutters can get leaks.
                Visual Inspection
                The easiest way to find a leak is by visual inspection.

                If your rain …

                How To – Removing Moss From Outdoor Surfaces Roofs, Walls, Walkways

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                  The type of moss found around your home will most likely be different then that found in other areas of the country but they all have similar properties.

                  Moss is a small plant that grows without without flowers or seed. They are found in moist shady areas and there are approximately 12,000 species of moss. Moss grows in clumps and mats. It can be found growing on the ground on vertical surfaces and it can …

                  New Tax Incentives For Metal Roofing

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                    The Federal Stimulus Package of 2009 has included better incentives for moving to metal roofing. The total cost of retrofitting or building a home with a metal roof is not covered but with better incentives and rebates the cost of replacing your existing roof with a metal roof can help push people in that direction.

                    Choosing a metal roof has many benefits.

                    Resistance to fire in areas where wild fires cause damage is a serious consideration. Many counties in California have …

                    How To – Extending Gutter Downspouts Around Doorways

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                      In this HowTo we will extend a downspout from our roof gutter under a concrete pad that is near the front doorway of our home.

                      Managing rain runoff from your gutter system is important for many reasons. In the summer months when rainfall can be heavy you need to have the water diverted away from your pathways and entrences to your home for comfort and safety. In the winter months when water can …