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How To React Quickly To A Water Or Gas Leak In Your Home

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    A friend just went through a situation where their Gas Hot Water Heater decided to spring a leak in the middle of the night and they were in a slight panic while trying to get the situation under control. I thought this might be a good time to go over what you should do if you find you have a leak of some type whether gas or water in your home.

    The first thing that …

    How To Resurface A Utility Table For Kitchen Food Preparation

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      One of our friends asks about a utility table that they have in their kitchen and what would be the best way to resurface it to make it usable for food preparation in their kitchen. So, We are going to take a look at some of the possibilities that they have and recommend one that is probably the best and the safest way along with being the easiest way to get the job done.

      At …

      How To Reduce Your Reaction To Pollen And Allergies In Your Home

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        Spring is one of the worst times for most people when it comes to Pollen and Allergies but depending on your reaction the problem might not go away any time of the year.

        Whether you have strong reactions or just eye and sinus problems there are things that we all can do to reduce the effects and it might not take too much work.

        You should not leave your windows open during the spring. Even though …

        How To Kill And Remove Mold Found During A Bathroom Remodeling Project

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          A friend is remodeling their bathroom and found some mold that they need to kill and remove. Unlike most mold that people are worried about this mold is white but that does not mean it isn’t dangerous. So, what precautions should they take and how do they go about removing it?

          Mold will occur anywhere there is warmth, food and moisture. Because mold spores are constantly on everything including our bodies we have to take precautions …

          How To Select the right Fire and Smoke Detectors for Your Home

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            Every home should have smoke detectors and local home building regulations will suggest the locations and types but the selection can get a bit confusing.

            In this How To we will look at some of your options however the information you read here should not be used on its own to make your final selection. You MUST use other sources of information when making your final choice about which devices are best for your specific application. …

            How To Fix pluming leaks in an emergency situation

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              Well it’s a holiday time again and when things go wrong they normally happen on a holiday weekend. Knowing what to do in these situations is a really important part of being a homeowner.

              I’ve been contacted by a few friends this holiday season who had problems with their water heaters this is a pretty strange situation however neither of the problems we’re so bad that they needed to call a plumber. Calling a plumber or handyman on a weekend or …

              How To Get a good deal on firewood for your home

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                Heating your home with firewood is an easy way to reduce your energy costs. Unfortunately if your property is not large enough to support large trees then you will have to look other places to obtain your firewood for the season. Many people will receive an order of firewood at the beginning of the season from a distributor. Often you can find a distributor of firewood listed at your …

                How To Keep Warm With Smart Winter Clothing Purchases

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                  With Winter coming the time is now to prepare by making smart purchases of clothing to keep warm. This is important whether you work inside or out and you will find when you are warm life just seems a little nicer.

                  If you grew up in a cold climate then you probably learned early that wearing layers of clothes will allow you to keep warm but maybe …

                  How To Survive Spring Pollen In Your Home

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                    Spring Days bring warmth and flowers but they also bring a lot of pollen. If you are sensitive to pollen then you may dread the springtime but unless you are willing to move to the desert you won’t find much relief at least until mid summer.

                    Unfortunately we can’t lock ourselves in a computer assembly clean room all of the time so we have to find ways to cope with the problem of pollen.

                    The first …

                    How To Are Humidifier Mineral Deposits clogging your Furnace Filter?

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                      I wanted to go over a problem I had this winter due to a new Humidifier I introduced in our home. The winter was so cold that the HVAC System had been sucking all of the moisture out of the air. This caused problems for my family including very dry skin, dry eyes and sinuses to the point I would wake up with headaches.

                      To try to get rid of the problem I went down …