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How To – Using a Swimming Pool Cooler for Hot Summer Days

Be Sociable, Share! most people in Northern States have heard of Pool Heaters that allow you to use your pool early in the spring and later into the fall months there is an opposite problem for people that live in warmer climates and thats hot pool water.

    Water will naturally hold heat and it is often used in home heating systems to store hot water from solar panels to warm homes.. This is a big problem …

    How To – Is Manure Safe for Vegetable Gardens?

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      Manure is a animal waste product that many farmers use to supplement the nutrients in their soil but is it something that the home gardener can use safely?

      The first and most important thing that you need to know about using manure is that it can be dangerous for vegetable gardens.

      If you have heard the warnings for E. coli on a variety of different vegetable and fruit crops like cantaloupes the one thing you probably …

      How To – Food Acidity Level Reference for Canning

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        There are a variety of foods that are available in stores that most home canners may want to process. Understanding the acidity level of the food you are preparing is very important for longevity in storage and for safety.

        Normally standard boiling in a water bath for canning requires that you use either a high acid food like lemons or add acid to the food before canning such as pickled cucumbers.

        This list will give you …

        How To – Staying Warm During a Winter Power Outage

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          Every winter you hear of people dieing from storms that cause power outages and for the most part none of these accidents need to happen if you plan ahead and understand how to properly operate supplemental heating systems.

          If you are accustomed to hunting and camping in the winter months then you understand that keeping warm means following basic rules.

          First before we get started it is important to know your limits. If you find that …

          How To – Common Mistakes When Planning Long Term Emergency Food Storage

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            Whether you live in the City or on a 200 acre farm the idea of planning for Emergencies has really come to head when you consider how many people in recent disasters have been finding no help or even added hardship from Government Resources.

            Food preparedness is one part of your overall emergency plan but it is very important for short term and long term survival.

            When you plan to store food there are a few …

            How To – Staying Cool in a Heat or Power Outage Emergency

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              Summer storms and other events can knock out power to your home during the hottest days of the year. In the Washington DC area this summer about 800,000 homes saw loss of power for days to weeks and every summer dozens of people die an many more end up in hospital emergency rooms.

              The hardest hit are the elderly and young. Having people close to me that are both it is very true that people …

              How To – Understanding Long Term Food Storage Methods and Products

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       are many reasons to store food for later use. Many gardeners will save food by canning and for products that need to be refrigerated a good stand alone freezer will extend the shelf life of many regular foods.

                The most important thing to remember when storing food is that you want to keep it air tight and when necessary adding a preservative is a good idea. Even if you are doing your own canning you probably …

                How To – Preparing Your home to survive a Wild Fire

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                  Unfortunately many communities are hit by wild fires and your location in the United States really does not matter all areas are effected to some degree.

                  Trying to protect your home from wild fires may not work in every situation but if you take steps before you are effected you may find that your home survives. We have all seen pictures where a few homes on a street survive without damage while the rest of …

                  How To – Extending the life of Store bought Produce Vegetables

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                    Everything is going up in price and it will be a trend that never reverses… unfortunately when you can’t rely on your garden for fresh vegetables you will have to buy what you can and look for the best deals.

                    Most stores will have rotating sales for their produce offerings.. I have found a few local stores that will put bananas on sale one day a week just to get customers shopping. This is a …

                    How To – Safety Shoes for Home and Work

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                      Whether you are a professional contractor or just trying to be one on the weekend it is important to take care of yourself while working on your projects.

                      There are a variety of different safety clothing choices including Eye Protection that must ALWAYS be worn, Welding Aprons and Paint Suits that are good for painting and cleanup of some seriously messy things.. but today we are going to take a quick look at what types …