Terms Of Use

Terms of Use

For no reason shall any person use this site in any way or make contact with us by email or other form of communication if they are under the age of 18 years old or under the age of legal maturity in the location they reside.

Additionally if you meet the age requirement you must also be able to enter into contract with us as to the terms set forth herein or within any other document or notice we provide. If for some reason including but not limited to reason of mental competency you can not enter into and agree to the terms set herein or throughout this website if additional terms are set for particular reason then you must leave this website and not make use of any information you have found here.

If laws in your area would restrict this contract and the website owners rights in any way then you may not use this website.

The use of this website is at the visitors risk.

We the owner of this site and its content disclaim all warranty and liability for all reasons.

No information found within this site should be considered fit for any type of use including the completion of any project or task and may cause losses, danger or harm to the persons that follow any direction found here.
We make no claim as to the fitness of use and disclaim all liability as to the content or services that are advertised on this site including any links or store features from Amazon.com, Google or others.

Copyright Information

All portions of this website are Copyright protected under United States and International Law. No reuse of any portion of the content including but not limited to text, images, design, methods, look and feel, code or other is allowed for any reason. All Rights are Reserved.

This also means that you may not reproduce the content for educational reasons no matter what organization you are a part of including public and private education, government institutions of any type or commercial businesses.

You may not store, cache or print off the information with only one exception.

Persons that are attempting to complete the HowTo guide task may print off one copy on paper that includes a notice of our Copyright. They may use this HowTo information page as a reference for the period of time it takes to complete that specific task but for no reason longer then 30 days. After 30 days the printed copy must be destroyed even if the project has not been completed.

Redisplay our RSS Feed on your website.
You may not use our Images for any reason including directly linking to them.
You may not use any software or script or Iframe or other to display our content.

If you would like to make reference to our site on your site then you may directly link to our home page or to the content page (HTML, PHP, other) as originally used on our site and you may use up to but not more then 20 words as an excerpt to describe the content you are linking to.

As an example :

You can find information about ABC at http://www.yourepair.com/

If you have any question ASK BEFORE YOU DO IT because we reserve all Copyrights.
Not getting an answer or permission is not an excuse to violate our Copyright.

You may Only link to page URLs that display our content in its original form in a full browser window.

Portions of this site include advertising, information and images that are copyright protected by other companies or individuals. This content remains under their respective ownership and we make no claims as to its copyright, fitness of use or other.

Privacy Statement

You may not supply any personal information to us if you are under the age of 18 or the recognized age of maturity in your location if that is over the age of 18. This means you are not allowed to use our website or provide us with any information in any form unless you are over this age.

All visitors to our website have their IP address collected by our server logs. This information is stored and used by us along with other information including but not limited to your geographical location found by reverse IP look up and general information about your Internet connection and computer. We reserve the right to use this information for any reason we see fit.Personal information that you supply to us such as your name, address, telephone number, email address and other are provided by you to us to do as we see fit without restriction. You agree that all information that you send to us or that is collected by our web server logs or other means is the website owners property to do with as we wish without restriction.

Additionally Advertisers on our site may collect and make use of information about you and your computer. You agree that you will not restrict our advertisers content and you agree to abide by our terms and their terms of use.

Notice Concerning Ads On This Website

By making use of links provided in the ads displayed on this website it is possible that the ownership may be reimbursed if you decide to click through and or make a purchase. YouRepair.com and its ownership does not formally endorse and has not verified the accuracy, merchantability or Fitness of Use of the services and products provided by Advertisers on this website. You must always do your own research about these products, services and companies before you enter into any agreement with them. Doing so is at your own risk.


You agree pay all legal and other fees and to hold harmless and defend for all reasons the owner of this website and any employee related to your use or in ability to use the information, software, store service, advertising or other.The Legal Terms of this contract shall be agreed upon by both parties at the time the visitor first makes use of the website. Not taking time to inform yourself about our terms of use or any updates there to is not an exception. All legal proceedings shall take place in the State and location of the website owners place of residence.

We reserve the right to make the decision as to which Trial or other form or venue of legal proceedings will be conducted and reserve the right to allow criminal proceedings to proceed in the visitors location if requested to by legal authorities and if no expense shall be made against us.

FTC Product Endorsement Disclosure Notice

Under the new FTC (US Federal Trade Commission) rules the ownership of this site is providing information about the content we provide to our visitors.

This site is a professional venture that makes use of advertising in a variety of forms.

In addition to the many banner advertisements seen throughout the site we also make use of link advertisements, affiliate shopping cart systems and data feeds from advertisers to generate income.

The content on this site may in many instances be provided directly from outside sources through scripted automation with little or no editing or review done by the editors / owners of this site. For example in the case of our amazon.com affiliate shopping cart system all descriptions, prices, images and other including endorsements from their members are provided by their live xml feed.

Under the general terms of service agreement that all visitors must agree to and are bound by when using this site the ownership of this website disclaims all Liability and expressly states that the “content” information provided from or through this site should never be used for purchasing decisions. This includes “all content” even that which may be considered by you to be an endorsement of a product, service or other.

In addition to content provided directly on this site we also make use of a variety of announcement services including but not limited to Twitter.com, Feedburner.com, Google.com and others.

Content or announcements provided to those sites from our server come under the same terms of use agreement as our main website.

If a visitor to our site is not in compliance with our terms of service or any other agreement or law and continues to use the site it will be considered an action of theft of services by the visitor.  If you are (at the sole digression and judgment of the owners of this site) found to be in violation of the terms of service agreement you agree that the owners of this site have the right to prosecute you both criminally and civilly for all damages, losses and other expenses due to your use of the site and other.

If any portion of this contract is found to be unenforceable then all other portions shall remain in full and not be nullified.

Improper use of this website and services
You agree to cover all costs and fees related to your improper use of this website in full including any legal costs. The website owner shall be the final say in the judgment if a visitors actions are improper and if found to be illegal shall report such misuse to any authority deemed necessary.

We reserve the right to update and modify this document at any time.

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