How To Lawn Tractor Grass Catching Systems

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    If you are considering buying a new or used Riding Lawn Mower then one of the most common options is a Grass Catcher System or Bagger. Depending on what brand and size Lawn Tractor you purchase the option may be included or pre-installed even though you will pay more than for one without but it does speed your ability to use it instead of purchasing one separately.

    Normally if you purchase a new lawn tractor …

    How To Remove And Prevent Water Spots On Your Windows

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      If you have ever washed your windows only to see spots reappear the next time it rains it can be pretty disappointing. You take that full day once or twice a year to go over every window, clean the glass and tracks and make sure that water is draining from the relief holes and within everything looks like new. Unfortunately it doesn’t last.

      One trick that I learned when working on cars was that you …

      How To Record Multiple TV Shows At The Same Time With Your Computer DVR

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        Many people are moving to Cutting The Cord with their Cable TV company but before you do I wanted to talk about ways that you can supplement your entertainment resources by recording Movies and TV Shows on your computer.

        In other How Tos we have talked about setting up a TV Tuner to capture Television Programming. The easiest way to do this is to purchase a single tuner PCIe Card or USB Tuner and use …

        How To Prepare For 4K TV Standards In Your Home Media Center

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          Recently I was having a discussion about the new video standards that increase the quality of video so it can be displayed on very large LCD TVs. The newest standard is 4k video and if you are looking at a TV that supports it you will understand there is a cost involved for being the first on your street to buy into it.

          You should also understand that these standards change fast and sometimes a …

          How To Grill Safe And Better With Your Barbeque

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            Many people love to Grill on their Barbeque but since the season is at hand there are some tips you should know to do it safe and better.

            The first thing you have to understand when using a Barbeque or Grill is that its really not much different than cooking indoors. The primary difference you will find is that the temperatures are harder to control but a very skilled BBQ Master can actually cook pretty …

            How To Diagnose And Change Your Cars O2 Sensor

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              If your car has a loss of power and or gas mileage and it has over 60k miles there is a pretty good chance that you will need to perform a full tuneup which may include an O2 Sensor replacement.

              Although most O2 Sensors won’t actually go bad after only 50k to 100k miles they will get covered with carbon deposits that make them inoperable. I have seen some people try to clean them with …