How To Compile a Collection of TV Shows and Movies for Free

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    Gone are the days of the VCR where you could put in a tape and record your favorite TV show or Movie and watch it later… or maybe not.

    Today with the technology of Television and Movies moving towards online services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon many homes are upgrading their televisions and home networks to play on demand television and movies.

    Unfortunately with that comes a cost. You have the initial first cost of …

    How To Install a Hanging Bathroom Cabinet The Easy Way

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      If you have a small bathroom then storage is a must. You may find that installing shelves is an option but many people prefer to go with a basic hanging cabinet that can be positioned over your toilet.

      The cost of these cabinets is pretty minimal. You can normally pick them up at a retail store or online for about $25 and they will help you maximize your space and let you store things like extra towels, …

      How To Save Money on your Car Insurance With Secret Discounts Mandated by Law

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        Did you know you can save money on your car insurance by telling your agent to implement Secret Discounts some of which are mandated by state laws?

        Well I guess I should really say its probably not a secret to your agent or the company you are with that these discounts exist .. its just that your agent has probably never told you about them and if the company did release the information to …

        How To Use a Humidifier to Get rid of Winter Headaches, Aches and Dry Skin

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          Every  Winter its the same thing. As soon as the heater starts running your sinuses and eyes start to get dry, you wake up with a dry throat and a headache and your skin gets dry.

          This is because your heater removes moisture from your home when it heats the circulating air and in addition to that it circulates dust which you end up breathing.

          If you find yourself waking up with eyes that hurt …

          How To Diagnose Heater Problems on a Carrier Model HVAC System

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   wintertime and a lot of people are going to have problems with their heaters. Unfortunately these things don’t normally happen when its just starting to get cold and in my case I just went through a problem in the middle of January at 1am just before two big storms are expected to hit my area.

            I am going to step you through what I did in hopes it might help you diagnose your problem on …

            How To Avoid Mistakes When Downsizing at Retirement

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              Even if you have a large family there will come a point in your life when the home you live in is probably not manageable. When you get older it gets much more difficult to care for your home and do repairs and if you have to rely on contractors it can end up costing you your savings.

              Fixed budgets are not the best time to deal with a lot of bills and you …