How to Buy and Install a Real Christmas Tree

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    If you have never owned a real Christmas Tree then getting your first one will be quite an accomplishment. There are different dealers that sell Trees and many of them come off of commercial farms. You might find that a large retail center allows or rents space for a tree dealer in the corner of their parking lot or maybe a super store gets a delivery of a few dozen every couple weeks …

    How To Choose an Impact Wrench / Gun – Battery, Electric or Air Pneumatic

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      If you have some bolts that need tightening or loosening you basically have two choices.. you can use a large socket wrench or breaker bar to remove them manually or you can use an Impact Wrench to reduce the labor needed to complete the task.

      Now there are times and I have seen it in many shops where a bolt that needs to be tightened is inappropriately tightened with an impact wrench. I have …

      How To Make your own Laundry Detergent and Save Hundreds of Dollars

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        Saving money is on everyone’s mind lately and there are a lot of things we can do without too much effort to keep money in our pockets. In some of our how tos we will look at learning how to can your own food, cook a great pizza so you don’t have to order out and buy in bulk to save money on other items.

        Today we are going to look at making liquid …

        How To Prepare your Vehicle for the Winter Driving Season

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          We are going to cover a few tips that can keep your car on the road during winter. It is always best to have a plan when things go wrong and to take care of maintenance that could leave you stranded.

          The first thing you want to do is go through all of your standard factory maintenance suggestions. If you are behind on any of them you want to bring them up to date.

          This …

          How To save money on your Cable TV Package

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            In this how to we are going to cover some of the options that can save you money with your Cable TV Television Subscription Package. Most of the options will be available whether you are on the larger systems like Comcast, Cox or Time Warner and also on smaller regional systems.

            When it comes to Television Broadcasts it seems much of America has moved to Pay Subscription Service. This can mean buying service from …

            How To Complete Home Projects on a Budget

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              Other than actually completing the work, budgeting your home projects can be one of the more difficult tasks which limit things you might like to get done. This is true for any size project and most contractors will tell you that on your first few projects you should add 50% to the time and 15% to the cost of any job.

              Underestimation of cost and time which can also be labor costs if you …