How To Perform a do it yourself Home Energy Audit

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    A friend that just bought a 1927 home is wondering what they can do to improve their home insulation and reduce their heating and cooling bills. Although best results would come from having a professional perform a home energy audit it is easy enough to do some of the steps yourself and see what types of results you can get before taking the next step of paying someone to audit your home.

    Some electric and gas …

    How To Choose between Blown or Bat Insulation and Fiberglass or Cellulose

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      A friend that lives in the Northwest is asking about insulating their home that they just purchased before winter kicks in. They have done a little research and called a few contractors for estimates but they are still not completely sure which material is best for their situation.

      They will be insulating both their walls and their attic space and the home is already built so the wall insulation will mean having a contractor blow insulation …

      How To choose between Deck Stain and Waterproof Sealer

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        Every deck is a bit different and depending on the area of the country the type of wood used in its manufacture can vary a lot too. For most of the country a pressure treated wood deck made of a pine wood is pretty much the standard and because we all want something that looks nice the next step after installing it is sealing or staining it.

        So, should you choose a Solid Stain, Transparent Stain …

        How To Quick Guide to Saving Money on your Home Gas Bill

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          In this guide we will look at some tips that should save you money during the heating season and maybe some money on the rest of the season too. The first thing you should do when assessing your Natural Gas or Propane bill is get a history of your account. You want to know not only the amounts that you have been paying but the volume of gas that you have been using because gas …

          How To Select the right Fire and Smoke Detectors for Your Home

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            Every home should have smoke detectors and local home building regulations will suggest the locations and types but the selection can get a bit confusing.

            In this How To we will look at some of your options however the information you read here should not be used on its own to make your final selection. You MUST use other sources of information when making your final choice about which devices are best for your specific application. …

            How To Painting Rooms Without Removing Moldings

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              One of our friends is purchasing a new home and they want to give it a fresh paint job in a few of the rooms before they move in. The problem they are having is deciding if it is better to remove the moldings before they paint or tape around them.

              In my opinion if the moldings are tight and in good condition and you don’t have plans to remove them because of a design change …