How To Work With and Repair Aluminum Siding

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    Aluminum Siding was very popular back in the 1960’s and the chances you are going to run into one of these homes if you’re a contractor is pretty good. If you’re a home owner with Aluminum Siding you should know about the differences in how it is maintained, removed and repaired but if you have extensive problems such as a hail storm hit your home you should consider upgrading your siding to Vinyl or …

    How To Optimize your Work Day and get More out of your Time

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      No matter what industry you are in or even if you’re between jobs right now it is always important to make sure you are getting the most out of your day.

      If you are a contractor or working on a remodeling job there are always going to be down times. But its what you do with that down time that makes the difference between having a good day today and having garbage pile up on …

      How To Choose Your Operating System for a HTPC Media Center PC

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        If you are considering building a Media Center PC you are probably getting overloaded by the choices of hardware and software available to you. The following how to will hopefully narrow down your direction and help you understand some of the primary concerns you should have when building a device to display Live and Recorded content on your Television.

        To work well devices need to be built for this specific task this is why …

        How To Review of Amazon Prime Instant Video Free Offerings

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          If you are considering cutting the cord and moving to a combination of Antenna and Streaming Services to replace your expensive Cable or Dish subscription then you are probably trying to find out what is available for free.

          Now obviously you could stream lots of content if you are willing to pay through the nose. There is even one LEGAL service out there that will stream Movies to your home while they are still …

          How To Choose the Right Roku Player for your TV

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            If you are considering buying a streaming media device for your televisions so you can watch your online content someplace other than your phone or computer there are a few different options out there. One of the more popular companies making Streaming Devices is Roku but even within their product line you may have some confusion about which device is best for you.

            We are going to look at some of the available features …

            How To Overcome Media Center Build Fright when Cutting The Cord

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              If you have been considering cutting the cord and going without cable TV you have probably experienced Build Fright. This is a situation where you begin looking into options and there are so many different ones that don’t seem to have the same features that you get a little scared you will spend your money on things that will soon be outdated and useless.

              The first thing you should understand is yes this is …