How To Pick The Right Soldering Iron

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    There are times when working around your home that you need to repair or build something electrical and selecting the right soldering iron will make the difference between having a really easy time getting it right and causing more damage than already occurred.

    The first thing you should understand about Soldering is that you are not welding the wires or components together. You are attaching them with a metal that has a low melting point.

    To …

    How To Pick the Right Size Riding Mower for Your Yard

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      Spring is here and we’re all a year older and a bit more busy than we were last year. It seems like a good idea to invest in a Riding Mower but there are so many choices out there. Between all of the options and manufacturers it can be difficult finding a Riding Mower that you can live with for the next five or ten years so you have to do your homework and …

      How To Survive Spring Pollen In Your Home

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        Spring Days bring warmth and flowers but they also bring a lot of pollen. If you are sensitive to pollen then you may dread the springtime but unless you are willing to move to the desert you won’t find much relief at least until mid summer.

        Unfortunately we can’t lock ourselves in a computer assembly clean room all of the time so we have to find ways to cope with the problem of pollen.

        The first …

        How To Stop The Spring Ant Invasion Dead In Their Tracks

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          Its that time again and this is kind of a follow up post about handling ant problems in your home.  Every year we have ants when it first gets warm. It seems they know there is a source of food and water in our kitchen and for ants it doesn’t take much to make them happy.

          You don’t have to have a dirty house or forget to wash the counter tops although if you …

          How To Channel Master DVR for OTA Antenna TV

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            If you are thinking of cutting the cord and moving to Antenna based TV for most of your viewing pleasure then one of the things you might really miss is the ability to record your favorite episodes for later viewing.

            And thats the one thing about Antenna TV there are still a number of good shows that you want to watch. Many people will watch Prime Time shows on the big OTA networks and then …

            How To Pick The Best Antenna For Apartment And City Locations

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              If you Live in the City or in an Apartment and are considering cutting the cord and moving to antenna based TV that is supplemented with online content then you have probably tried to hook a low-end Antenna to your TV and had varied results.

              The problem is although you might have great signal to your area due to the proximity of the TV Towers in your area the actual signal that can get to …