How To Understand Fertilizer Bag Numbers And What You Should Buy

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    Whether a fertilizer is organic meaning from animal waste or whether it is chemically synthesized either through concentration of the animal wast or from other sources there are only 3 main components that you need to understand.

    The Three main components of Fertilizer are Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium.

    Each of the three components have their place and depending on how you are using the product you will want to get different levels of each component in …

    How To Turn your TV into a Computer Less Than $100

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      The price of computers for the family can be pretty difficult to afford but one of the great things about everyone moving to Streaming Content from providers like Netflix Hulu and Amazon Prime is that the developers of the products are introducing some pretty impressive hardware in a very small package.

      So here is the situation Maybe you have a family computer or laptop and your kids share it. Or maybe everyone is sharing including …

      How To Find Out What Antenna TV Is Available In Your Area And What Antenna You Need

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        A friend of mine was asking me about helping his daughter get Over The Air TV at her home because she needs to save money on her cable bill which is over $100 now.

        He told me that she will be canceling her TV subscription and going with just basic Internet and would like to see if she can get some local stations to supplement her Netflix account.

        The first thing I told him was that …

        How To Pick The Right Chemicals For Your Lawn And Garden

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          Spring is here and if you have a lawn or garden to take care of then you are probably going to need some type of chemicals to get rid of weeds or remove grass and weeds from areas you don’t want them to grow.

          When picking chemicals at the store there are two main ways we often go about it. First is we look for brand names that we know. We might not have even …

          How To Pick The Right Soldering Iron

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            There are times when working around your home that you need to repair or build something electrical and selecting the right soldering iron will make the difference between having a really easy time getting it right and causing more damage than already occurred.

            The first thing you should understand about Soldering is that you are not welding the wires or components together. You are attaching them with a metal that has a low melting point.

            To …

            How To Pick the Right Size Riding Mower for Your Yard

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              Spring is here and we’re all a year older and a bit more busy than we were last year. It seems like a good idea to invest in a Riding Mower but there are so many choices out there. Between all of the options and manufacturers it can be difficult finding a Riding Mower that you can live with for the next five or ten years so you have to do your homework and …