How To Apply A Phone Screen Protector Perfectly

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    Whether your phone is new or its seen a bit of wear there will come a time when you need to install a screen protector. You can hit your local retailer or kiosk at the mall and have someone install a 50cent protector and have them charge you $10 or you can do it yourself in about 20 minutes.

    Ok so the title of this guide is going to be a bit to live …

    How To Setup your Silicondust HDHomeRun To Watch Live TV with the Add-on

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      If you’re cutting the cord like many Americans or trying to reduce your cable bill by getting rid of costly boxes to rent for DVR Features then you have probably been looking into a solution that includes a SiliconDust Tuner and

      Well lucky for you SiliconDust has just released a Beta Version of their new Add-on for that will let you watch all of your TV Programs on Cable or Over The Air …

      How To Are Humidifier Mineral Deposits clogging your Furnace Filter?

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        I wanted to go over a problem I had this winter due to a new Humidifier I introduced in our home. The winter was so cold that the HVAC System had been sucking all of the moisture out of the air. This caused problems for my family including very dry skin, dry eyes and sinuses to the point I would wake up with headaches.

        To try to get rid of the problem I went down …

        How To CableCARD Tuners for your Home and Media Center

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          If you love cable tv but hate the cost of renting boxes you may have looked into the availability of a CableCard Tuner which can help you with your Entertainment needs.

          Unfortunately these devices are both expensive and require more than just the device to get content to your TV and to record shows for later viewing.

          In this How To we will look at the three leading Manufacturers of CableCARD Tuners for residential / end …

          How To Understand and Pass State Vehicle Inspections

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            Not every State has Vehicle Inspections and the type of inspections your State may have will probably vary dramatically from the others around the country. Never the less it is something that many of us have to go through on an annual basis.

            One of the Worst things about inspections is when you fail for something very simple. Maybe you have a taillight out that you didn’t know about and that will require you hitting …

            How To Select The Right Screen Protector For Your Phone

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              Screen Protectors are pretty mandatory additions to every phone. Whether you are protecting your investment or have more money that you know how to spend a Screen Protector will make life easier on a day to day basis and some added features such as anti glare and privacy protection actually enhance your phone over stock.

              With so many options out there how do you know you are buying the best screen protector for your needs. …