How To What you need to do before you build a Utility Trailer

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    The latest project that I got myself into is building a Utility Trailer and I am finding that there are a lot of things that you need to do and know before you get started.

    I thought I would share some tips to help other people that are thinking of building a Utility Trailer that they purchase from Harbor Freight or Northern Tools or any other kit type trailers that require assembly.

    The first thing about building …

    How To Supply 80 Percent of your Cleaning Products for Almost FREE

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      Everyone is looking for ways to save money today and this is a good practice. Whatever you save you don’t have to earn and that means you can purchase something else that you need or save some money for when we get older.

      Having a background in chemistry having attended a technical school and studied in college I can tell you that most of the chemicals we use as cleaners are just about the same product but …

      How To Remove Inner Bearing and Seal on Harbor Freight Trailers

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        If you are one of the thousands of people that purchase a Haul Master Trailer from Harbor Freight Tools the process of setting up and building the trailer correctly will take you a few days. You probably can complete it in about 4 hours if you just don’t care.
        I am in the process of doing this myself and there is a part that needs a little more explaining than the instruction manual provides.

        I will …

        How To Prepare for the 5 Biggest Problems Facing a Home Owner

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          Whether you are a first time home owner or have lived in one for a long time there are a few things that can go wrong around your house that you need to prepare for before they go wrong. In some cases you will be able to decide whether you want to do the work yourself or hire it out to a contractor but sometimes there just isn’t a choice and you are …

          How To improve your Cell Phone Reception with a Repeater Antenna

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            Depending on where you live and who your provider is you may find that your cell phone reception is less than great. There are two parts to cell phone reception there is the signal strength which we all know from the number of bars we get on our phones and then there is signal quality. In most cases as signal strength gets lower the quality of the signal will also go down. However …

            How To Pick the right Bushes and Trees for your Home

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              Maybe you have been looking through magazines or noticing the gardens of the homes around your neighborhood and you are planning to do some upgrades in your yard. Before you do there are some things that you must understand about the types of plants you pick and their location in your yard.

              There are so many choices to be made in both the selection of the correct plant and the area you place it …