How To Repair Your Homes Rim Joist And Sill Plate

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    A friend asks about some water damage he found along his foundation when he removed his deck and he is wondering just how hard it will be for him to do the work himself or if he needs to hire a structural engineer and a contractor.

    The problem is pretty common on homes that have attached decks where the contractor didn’t take care to make sure the home was waterproofed before he attached the deck …

    How To Resurface A Utility Table For Kitchen Food Preparation

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      One of our friends asks about a utility table that they have in their kitchen and what would be the best way to resurface it to make it usable for food preparation in their kitchen. So, We are going to take a look at some of the possibilities that they have and recommend one that is probably the best and the safest way along with being the easiest way to get the job done.

      At …

      How To Clean Up A Crumbled Concrete Pathway In Your Backyard

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        A Friend asks us how can they clean up the pathway in their backyard to make it look better and to improve its condition. Its a 3 foot wide concrete pathway that was placed on the back of the home to help with diverting rain away from the home. There is actually a pretty big grate in the path on the side of the home which diverts water out into the street and their …

        How To Flush Your Automatic Transmission At Home With Basic Tools

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          If you have an older vehicle that you care for on your own then you know that saving some money and doing the work right will make your car last longer and reduce the chance of a big expense in the end.

          I would not suggest that you perform this work on a car that is still under drive train warranty because your dealer can do this for you but if you have an older …

          How To Install Attic Rafter Vents When Adding Insulation

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            If you are increasing the amount of insulation in your home then it is important that you consider your attic venting system before you install your insulation. Attic insulation will keep the interior of your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer but for your attic to remain cool it needs proper air flow. In most new homes that means that under the overhang of your roof you have soffit vents …

            How To Cut Out The Lawn Care Service And Have A Great Yard For Very Little Money

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              A friend is asking for some help with their yard. It seems that they have a few neighbors that are complaining about their property and they don’t have a lot of money to hire professional services.So, we are going to take this opportunity to give a few secrets we have learned over the years to manage your yard and home to get the most out of it for very little money.

              Honestly if you are …

              How To Use A Ball Hone To Prepare Your Engine’s Cylinder Walls For New Rings

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                If you are rebuilding an engine and replacing your piston rings it is normally suggested that you hone the cylinder walls to prepare them before assembly. This might not always be the case but most of the time you don’t want to skip this step because honing your cylinder walls is what keeps the oil on them.

                For best results you are suppose to create a 45 degree cross hatch pattern on the cylinder wall. …

                How To Remove Carbon Buildup On Your Pistons And Cylinder Walls During Head Gasket Replacement

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                  When you are working on your engine and replacing the head gasket and you will need to clean your deck surface before you install the new gasket this is a good time to clean up any carbon buildup that might be on the top portion of your cylinder walls and the top of the pistons.

                  While doing so you will also be able to inspect the cylinder walls and deck and know if you need …

                  How To Paint Your Car With Canned Spray Paint

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                    A lot of people are talking about how you can paint your car or large sections of your vehicle with Spray Paint vs commercial grade paint that requires mixing and a professional gun and compressor so we thought we would look at what they are talking about and whether it actually works.

                    The first thing to realize is that although they are painting with spray paint cans they are actually painting with professionally mixed paint. …

                    How To Ten Things You Should Know Before You Plant Trees In Your Yard

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                      If you are doing some landscaping or maybe you just purchased a new home and are getting ready to plant a few Trees there are some precautions that you should consider before picking Trees that will outgrow your home.

                      When considering trees that are near your home you have many factors to consider.

                      First is will the tree spread end up extending over your home. This is really not a good thing and all areas will …

                      How To Planning Your Backyard Patio Before You Get In Too Deep

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                        Many people love sitting in their backyard after work or playing with the kids and they want to improve what they have but sometimes they get these grand ideas before really considering what fits with their property.

                        Before you begin any job it is important to plan it out and understand not only how it will look but how it will function for many years to come.

                        A friend is starting a new backyard project that …

                        How To Using Electric Car Batteries To Power Your Home

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                          With the advancements in car batteries for electric cars manufacturers are now building systems that when charged with solar panels and wind power can be used to power your home at night. Already Australia is installing these systems that are tied back into the grid and can be used during peak power usage in the community and also to power homes at night.

                          The cost is not something the average home owner can afford without …