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How To Considering Building a Dog Door into Exterior Wall

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    One of our friends asks about building a dog door on an exterior wall. They live in a suburban community and have a medium sized dog. Their rear yard is fenced in and they are considering a dog door to allow the dog more freedom.

    They are asking if it is a bad idea or a really bad idea to put a dog door in an existing wall.

    Most of the time dog doors are cut into …

    How To – Protecting your Car from Pet Spills and Messes

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      Everyone who has a pet knows that the last thing they want to do after a day at the park is take an hour to clean out the car.

      Mistakes happen and it can be from a water bowl being tipped over or maybe something not so pleasant but fortunately there are ways to reduce the mess and its effects on your interior.

      Some manufacturers of SUVs have started catering to the Animal Lover by providing …

      How To – Safety Guide for Traveling with Your Pet

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        Whether you are going across country or driving to the local pet park to get some exercise with your dog providing a safe environment for your animal will mean that your pet, you and other drivers or pedestrians don’t end up in trouble.

        Some states have laws about how you must maintain your animal while in your vehicle. Many of the laws are targeting owners that leave their pets in a hot vehicle unattended but …

        How To – Adopt Don’t Buy Your Next Pet

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          For some reason all kids want a pet… some want dogs others want cats and then you have the kids that love small animals like guinea pigs or if you are really unlucky snakes..

          The fact is at some time in your home there will be a pet of some type and that can be a really great thing if you approach it from the right direction.

          Pets can help your child understand that there is …

          How To – Remember The Winter Snacks For Animals That Live In Your Yard

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            Search : Homestead 3201S Super Stop A Squirrel Wild Bird FeederWintertime can be tough for Animals and Birds that live in or around our homes.

            When the snow comes and covers the ground it can be very difficult for them to find food and many animals do not store food in the same way squirrels store nuts.

            Although most animals will hibernate in the winter it does not mean they stay a sleep for 4 or 6 …

            How To – Bird-proof Your Home Before Spring

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              It is nice to have birds around the house but getting them inside your home or in places they will cause trouble is not a lot of fun.

              Most Birds prefer to live as high up as they can and if your neighborhood is relatively new or lacking trees they may decide living in your eves and attic is better then subjecting their family to lower bushes and trees.

              You can’t really blame them for this …

              How To – Getting Rid Of Pet Urine Odors

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                One of the worst things you can deal with is pet odors and stains.

                How often have you woke up to that unpleasant chore of cleaning up after your pet and still for some reason we keep on letting them stay in our homes… heh

                Its a problem that all pet owners have to deal with urine odors.

                Pet handlers will tell you that your animals urinate in your home for three reasons: They can’t get out …

                How To – Understanding Pet Care Costs When You Need To Hire Someone

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                  Everyone that has pets will eventually need to hire someone to help in their care.  You may be bringing your pet to the doctor or hiring someone to sit with your dog or iguana while you go on vacation.

                  So, what can you expect when you need to hire a professional.

                  The first thing that you should expect is that if you live in a City you will pay more for typical services. Location does matter …