How To – Getting Rid Of Pet Urine Odors

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    One of the worst things you can deal with is pet odors and stains.

    How often have you woke up to that unpleasant chore of cleaning up after your pet and still for some reason we keep on letting them stay in our homes… heh

    Its a problem that all pet owners have to deal with urine odors.

    Pet handlers will tell you that your animals urinate in your home for three reasons: They can’t get out of the home to do it outside , They do it for psychological reasons like you not being home during the day and they feel abandoned and finally because they have not been trained well enough to know better.

    Unfortunately the worst thing about an animal who urinates in your home is that the odor is an invitation to continue the action.

    So, part of making sure your animal is trained right is to remove the smell.

    There are a number of Urine neutralizers on the market that help eliminate the urine smell by chemically altering the Urea (NH2)2CO found in urine.

    Remember ONLY pick a product that can neutralize the Urea other products will just mask the odor to humans and will still cause an attraction for your animal.

    They are a great help but there are times when removing the items will be required.

    If you have badly treated carpet, furniture or other materials that can absorb the Urea no amount of cleaning or shampoo will return them to new.

    In some cases especially in new homes with OSB decking material in the floors you may even need to rip that out because repeated liquid damage will deteriorate the material making it weak along with holding the urine odor.

    Yes, it is a very difficult choice to invite animals into your home and if the problem exists and can not be resolved you may end up making a tough choice to either live in a clean home or one with your pet.

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