How To Restore Plastic Lawn Furniture With A Heat Gun

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    If you have older lawn chairs then they are probably beginning to break down in the sun. An oxidized surface turns them gray or a powdery surface makes them unusable. There are a few ways that you can handle this. First would be the easy way.. to just buy new lawn furniture. The second way works pretty well and that would be to scuff the surface to remove the powdery surface and then paint the …

    How To Find Inexpensive Bed and Mattress Alternatives

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      A friend that is on a very tight budget asks about what alternatives there could be for a Bed and Mattress for about 4 months before they move across the country. They just need something more than the bare floor to sleep on and budget is their strong point.

      Now for many people the thought of paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a bed is nothing for them but remember in this case …

      How To Find Good Quality Cheap Mattress

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        A friend is asking about their options for a Mattress. They need something cheap but reasonable and it will only be needed for their last 2 years of college. This is something that a lot of families need to deal with. They need a nice mattress for limited use. Maybe its for a child that is growing or for a guess bedroom or vacation home. Whatever the reason behind its use the cost needs …

        How To Remove White Blush Marks From Furniture Finishes

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          A friend of ours says that they used their living room table to do some ironing and after they were done they found the finish on the table was white. They ask how do they repair this and will it be easy?

          This is a common problem with real wood or veneer wood tables with a lacquer finish. This can also happen with a polyurethane finish that is degraded. The problem that is seen is …

          How To Prepare Old Furniture For Painting

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            A friend asks me how they can paint their old side tables for a new couch they are getting. Then proceeded to tell me it will be a light blue leather couch with orange accents and yellow pillows. At that point I was wondering why this person was a friend… but since I won’t have to look at it all the time I decided to help them out with their task.

            The first thing that …

            How To Decide Between Building or Buying a Bookcase

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              Building Bookcases is one of the easier starter projects for people who want to learn how to work with wood. The project can be very simple or intricate and you can go with a Painted surface or with Natural Wood Stain. Unfortunately if you think that building a bookcase will be cheaper than buying one then you are wrong and we will go through what it will take and the materials that you might …

              How To Pick A Good Cheap Mattress

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                If you are in the market for a new mattress then you will find that the number of options can make the task a bit difficult. In this how to we will cover the steps you will take to decide which mattress is best for you and how much you can save by choosing different options.

                I personally just went through this process twice and I picked two different types of mattresses for different reasons. …

                How To Shoe Storage Options

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                  If you are like me you have three pairs of shoes. Your good shoes, the old pair for the garden and a pair of Steel Toe Boots. Storing shoes is not a big deal for me but for many people it is. Not only do many people have a variety of shoes those shoes can be pretty expensive.

                  Storing and taking care of your shoes means saving money in the long run. You should …

                  How To – Protecting your Projects with Gel Topcoat Satin Polyurethane

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                    Over the past many years Manufacturers continue to expand their product lines to offer solutions for the hobbyist and professional.

                    The product that we are looking at today is Gel formulated Polyurethane Topcoat.

                    It is important to understand this type of topcoat before you decide to use it. Many people have excellent results with gel formulated topcoats but only when they use it for its specific result.

                    Gel Coat Stains are often paired with Gel Topcoat products …

                    How To – Picking the Right Sized Mattress For Your Bedroom

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                      There are many considerations when selecting a new mattress for you bedroom the first consideration many of us have is what will it cost but also comfort is as important.

                      With comfort you will have a number of features that you can select from. There are different types of coils within the mattress, different types of box springs that are under the mattress and padding tops that turn your bed into one big pillow.

                      In this …