How To Pick Between Gloss, Eggshell And Matte Surfaces For Durability

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    One of our friends asks about the durability of paint and surface coatings and what topcoat is best for durability. This is a situation that most of us go through when we are considering repainting our homes. Whether we are doing a full repaint or just working on accent pieces we want a surface that looks good and will last a long time.

    The basic rule of thumb for any paint or coating is that glossy …

    How To choose between Deck Stain and Waterproof Sealer

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      Every deck is a bit different and depending on the area of the country the type of wood used in its manufacture can vary a lot too. For most of the country a pressure treated wood deck made of a pine wood is pretty much the standard and because we all want something that looks nice the next step after installing it is sealing or staining it.

      So, should you choose a Solid Stain, Transparent Stain …

      How To Painting Rooms Without Removing Moldings

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        One of our friends is purchasing a new home and they want to give it a fresh paint job in a few of the rooms before they move in. The problem they are having is deciding if it is better to remove the moldings before they paint or tape around them.

        In my opinion if the moldings are tight and in good condition and you don’t have plans to remove them because of a design change …

        How To Remove White Blush Marks From Furniture Finishes

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          A friend of ours says that they used their living room table to do some ironing and after they were done they found the finish on the table was white. They ask how do they repair this and will it be easy?

          This is a common problem with real wood or veneer wood tables with a lacquer finish. This can also happen with a polyurethane finish that is degraded. The problem that is seen is …

          How To Fix a Window Trim Piece

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            One of our friends is having a problem… it seems that the molding around their window has been deteriorated for many years and finally it gave away and their blind has fallen off.

            The problem is probably bigger than they think it is. The way the previous repairs were made were just beyond bad workmanship it seems that they just threw some caulk or spackel on the molding and didn’t even care to sand it …

            How To Tips And Tasks To Improve The Look Of Your Home On A Budget

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              Painting-DoorWhether you are thinking of selling your home or you just want an updated feel it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money to get a quick payback by completing some basic projects that are easy to do.

              One of the hardest things to do is to evaluate your home objectively. This is because you have grown accustomed to the place you live and the little things you overlook might be …

              How To Fix A Hole In Your Ceiling Drywall

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                This guy is asking me about how to repair a hole in his drywall ceiling. It seems that he was up in the attic trying to fix some electrical problems and lost his balance and put his foot through the ceiling.

                From first glance you might not think this is a bad situation but it really is for him. The first thing that I noticed was that the break in the drywall was right up …

                How To Prepare Old Furniture For Painting

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                  A friend asks me how they can paint their old side tables for a new couch they are getting. Then proceeded to tell me it will be a light blue leather couch with orange accents and yellow pillows. At that point I was wondering why this person was a friend… but since I won’t have to look at it all the time I decided to help them out with their task.

                  The first thing that …

                  How To – Adding A Chalk Board Wall To Your Childs Room

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                    If your children love to draw or maybe if you are a home schooler you might want to add a chalkboard to one of the walls in your home. I would suggest doing this only after you have taught them not to write on the walls because they may end up getting easily confused and think its ok to write on any wall .. but if this is your plan there are a …