How To Patching Plaster After Rewiring And Precautions While Other Work Is Completed

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    One of our friends asks about a remodeling job they are having done in the next few weeks. It seems that their older home still has what they call wire and knob electrical in their upstairs walls. Before they move into the home they would like to upgrade the electrical and also finish the floors. The floors will be done by a professional and so will the electrical but they expect to do the …

    How To Fix A Hole In Your Ceiling Drywall

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      This guy is asking me about how to repair a hole in his drywall ceiling. It seems that he was up in the attic trying to fix some electrical problems and lost his balance and put his foot through the ceiling.

      From first glance you might not think this is a bad situation but it really is for him. The first thing that I noticed was that the break in the drywall was right up …

      How To Hang Drywall

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        This is going to be a quick how to on how to hang drywall and what the choices mean between hanging it vertical or horizontal on walls and using screws or nails.

        There are a few times in a homes life that might require hanging new drywall. The first is during initial construction when the interior stud walls are covered with drywall to provide a liveable surface. There are other options to hanging drywall …

        How To – Choosing the Right Underlayment Backer Material for Tile Installs

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          When you are performing a Tile install in your Bathroom or Kitchen it is important to know the correct way to prepare the area for Tile.

          Some surfaces like concrete floors can take tile directly however if you are installing tile in a bathroom or an area that will have water or high traffic then you must take precautions and use the correct wall backing material or floor underlayment to make sure your tile has a …

          How To – Intro to Drywall

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            Most home interiors are now finished with Drywall but not so long ago most homes were finished with either wood paneling or Plaster over lath. So what made the change and what are your choices?

            The main reason for the change to Drywall was the ease of installation.
            To install plaster over a lath base takes both a lot of time and a good amount of skill. Some more expensive homes will still …

            How To – Obtaining Permits For Flood Repair Can Mean Special Considerations

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              In many locations that have been hard hit by floods the permit process for flood repair requires additional notification to your building official before work can be completed and you can live in your home safely.

              Normally a home owner can perform general maintenance and some upgrades without the need of a permit. In cases where plumbing, electrical or framing is being modified or added a permit is almost always required in normal conditions. For …

              How To – Fixing Small Drywall Cracks

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                Smaller cracks in drywall can actually be more difficult to repair then larger cracks that you can mud and tape but there is a way that you can get decent results that will last for years.

                The first thing you need to do is inspect the crack and note its location.

                If the crack in your drywall is over a doorway or over a window then you could have a structural problem with your house. If …

                HowTo – Concrete Backer Board & Drywall For Bathroom Remodeling

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                  Search : Modern Bathroom Vanity Sink Basin Cabinet Set 3138Depending on the age of your home and the extent of your bathroom remodeling project you may or may not have to remove the drywall or plaster lath that make up the surfaces for your walls.

                  If your home was built before 1960 and you will be doing more then just replacing a vanity and toilet then you should probably consider a total remake of …

                  How To – Sanding Drywall For Final Paint Application

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                    After you have completed repairing or installing your drywall you will need to sand and prepare the drywall compound used for taping joints and filling nail or screw heads.

                    Sanding is only for the final prep of the wall and for the most part won’t be needed while making repairs.

                    First start by working your way around the entire room with a drywall pallet knife knocking down any big bumps. Hold the knife at a tight …

                    How To – Dealing With Damaged And Ugly Popcorn Ceilings

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                      Popcorn ceilings are a fad that have seen their day unfortunately once they are installed they tend to stay around longer then basements full of 1960’s wood paneling.

                      There are two reasons designers or home owners install popcorn ceilings.

                      The first is to reduce repair major problems.

                      If a home owner or remodeler is confronted with a ceiling that has a heavy damage then they have the choice of replacing the drywall,  making spot repairs which will …