How To – Obtaining Permits For Flood Repair Can Mean Special Considerations

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    In many locations that have been hard hit by floods the permit process for flood repair requires additional notification to your building official before work can be completed and you can live in your home safely.

    Normally a home owner can perform general maintenance and some upgrades without the need of a permit. In cases where plumbing, electrical or framing is being modified or added a permit is almost always required in normal conditions. For instance adding a deck, remodeling a bathroom that requires layout changes of services are reasons for inspection.

    In flood damaged homes special care must be taken to not only restore the surfaces but the underlying framing and services must be placed back into code.

    If your services were previously functioning but not at the current code standard it may mean upgrading electrical services, plumbing and framing. If the flood has caused damage to the structure or services in your home then they will need to be restored and upgraded.

    Tare Out services do not normally require a permit as long as the framing and foundation of the home are not modified. This means that you can have a contractor come in and remove drywall at least 4 feet above the flood level and then treat the area for mold.

    Once the home is ready for restoration you should contact your local building official. High volume flood damaged areas will normally have an online permit process where either the contractor or the home owner can apply for a permit.

    Inspection prior to work starting may be required however an inspection prior to drywall being installed is almost certain.

    A final inspection and renewal of your occupancy permit may be necessary depending on the seriousness of the damage.



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