How To Repair Cracks And Pits In Granite Countertops

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    Eventually most people will have some type of problem with their granite countertop that needs repair. A friend asks how they can fill in a small surface crack so that it looks good and is sealed. As you may or may not be able to see from the image the countertop seems to have a crack that is caused by the natural stone material not being as strong in one area and then degrading. If …

    How To Decide Between Building or Buying a Bookcase

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      Building Bookcases is one of the easier starter projects for people who want to learn how to work with wood. The project can be very simple or intricate and you can go with a Painted surface or with Natural Wood Stain. Unfortunately if you think that building a bookcase will be cheaper than buying one then you are wrong and we will go through what it will take and the materials that you might …

      How To Install a Hanging Bathroom Cabinet The Easy Way

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        If you have a small bathroom then storage is a must. You may find that installing shelves is an option but many people prefer to go with a basic hanging cabinet that can be positioned over your toilet.

        The cost of these cabinets is pretty minimal. You can normally pick them up at a retail store or online for about $25 and they will help you maximize your space and let you store things like extra towels, …

        How To Shoe Storage Options

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          If you are like me you have three pairs of shoes. Your good shoes, the old pair for the garden and a pair of Steel Toe Boots. Storing shoes is not a big deal for me but for many people it is. Not only do many people have a variety of shoes those shoes can be pretty expensive.

          Storing and taking care of your shoes means saving money in the long run. You should …

          How To – Do you really need to use the guard on your table saw?

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            After many conversations with professionals and hardcore hobbyists this subject is one of the most common conversations in a woodworking shop.

            Anyone that has been professionally trained either in a large business setting or a trade school will tell you that safety measures are often the only thing that have your back when you are at work every day.

            If you are actually working in a production shop some of these standards may lax and you have …

            How To – Protecting your Projects with Gel Topcoat Satin Polyurethane

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              Over the past many years Manufacturers continue to expand their product lines to offer solutions for the hobbyist and professional.

              The product that we are looking at today is Gel formulated Polyurethane Topcoat.

              It is important to understand this type of topcoat before you decide to use it. Many people have excellent results with gel formulated topcoats but only when they use it for its specific result.

              Gel Coat Stains are often paired with Gel Topcoat products …

              How To – Preparing your Cabinets for Paint

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                Painting your kitchen cabinets can give your kitchen a brand new look. Painting your old cabinets can lower the cost of a kitchen remodel or cover the repairs of damaged cabinets.

                You have a few options before you begin your work.

                Will you keep all of your old hardware (cabinet pulls and hinges) or will you replace them?

                Will you keep your cabinet door fronts or will you upgrade them for a new style?

                If you are keeping …

                How To – Removing Heavy Wax Or Grease Buildup On Cabinets

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                  Recently a new home owner presented this problem the kitchen cabinets in their house were covered in a pink waxy buildup which we then discovered was silver polish used on wood cabinets.  The idea behind this was not apparent but we came to the conclusion that the previous owner probably didn’t have the right type of cleaner so they used what they had on hand.

                  Now this is probably not going to be the case …

                  How To – Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

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                    Updating your kitchen doesn’t need to cost a lot and with a few simple steps and maybe a weekend’s worth of time you can bring a totally new feel to one of the rooms you and your family use the most. But before you get started there are some considerations and planning that will make painting your kitchen cabinets easier and provide a more professional result.

                    The first thing you should do is inspect the …