How To Repair Cracks And Pits In Granite Countertops

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    Eventually most people will have some type of problem with their granite countertop that needs repair. A friend asks how they can fill in a small surface crack so that it looks good and is sealed. As you may or may not be able to see from the image the countertop seems to have a crack that is caused by the natural stone material not being as strong in one area and then degrading. If this problem is not fixed when first noticed it could grow into something bigger.

    The best way to handle surface problems is to use the same products that countertop manufacturers use. A special epoxy that is color matched can be used to glue two pieces of stone together or it can be used to remove imperfections.

    Although it may be possible to use an off the shelf epoxy the use of color matched epoxy will make your countertop look much nicer. There are clear epoxy products but the grey epoxy that comes in a black and white two part mix can’t be used for color matching because equal amounts of the product must be used to make sure it is proportionally mixed.

    An easy way to get some countertop epoxy is by visiting your local countertop manufacturer. They may be able to sell you some or maybe they can sell or give you an open product that will be just enough for your job.


    Now if you are applying this mixture to the face of the stone you should first make sure that it is only a surface problem. Look on the underside of the slab or fixture if you can and make sure the crack will not be getting larger anytime soon.

    Once you are sure you can make the fix yourself and you have the epoxy ready you should mix it to directions or normally it is 1 part filler to 1 part hardener.

    Apply the epoxy with a wood tool like a Popsicle stick that won’t cause more damage. Make sure that you get it deep into the crack so that it will adhere well. You should then overfill the crack so that when it cures it will not shrink and require a second application.

    Once the epoxy has cured you can use a new sharp single edge razor blade to scrape the excess from the surface. Approach the epoxy at a 45 deg angle not straight up and down and it should come of pretty easy. At this point it is up to you if you want to continue finishing the surface. Some people will polish the epoxy just like the stone but doing so does risk causing more problems so it is up to you.

    Final Note

    Caring for Granite is not always difficult but you have to remember that it is a natural material. The products you use to prepare it for your home will only do so much and at some point you need to live with whatever results you get. This is not to say you won’t get good results but that you shouldn’t expect epoxy to look exactly like stone.

    When repairing a high cost and high viability item in your home you should use professional materials. Off the shelf products or things you may find at an average home store won’t be as good as products that are used by professionals that only work in that part of the industry.

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