How To – Restoring Antique Brass Fixtures And Hardware

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    Brass is used throughout our homes in both solid metal form and in plating to add style and protect other metals from corrosion.  It can be found in furniture, plumbing fixtures, door knobs and hinges, lighting fixtures and a variety of decorative accents.

    To take care of your brass items you must first determine if the item is solid brass or plated with brass. A solid brass item can be handled much harsher with buffing …

    How To – Painting Laminate Countertop

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      In a recent conversation with a friend they told me of a laminate countertop that they were unhappy with due to discoloration over many years. Although the countertop was in relatively decent physical condition it seems stains, scuffs and scratches were making the countertop look unappealing. They then asked my opinion on painting the countertop and told me of a few websites that had suggested painting could restore the countertop to new condition.

      After hearing …

      How To – Pullout Sliding Kitchen Shelves For Easy Access & Storage

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        Lets face it one of the most difficult tasks of making dinner is searching through your bottom cabinets for pots or pans that are hidden from view.  You end up crawling on your knees for that pan you can’t find and arranging things so they fit well takes all the fun out of the kitchen.

        Well you have two choices you can order out every night which might sound fun until you get your credit …

        How To – Painting Or Refinishing Hardwood Cabinets

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          There comes a time in the life of any kitchen when upgrades or repairs are necessary. Just like the furniture in the rest of your home you may find that hardware or door faces don’t match your style or are in need of replacing but instead of throwing away thousands of dollars what is the best way you can make your kitchen function and look like new again?

          The original grade of cabinet will dictate …

          How To – Choosing A Vanity Sink For Your Bathroom

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            Search : Danco 33387 Sierra Vanity Kit with Sink, Countertop, and FaucetReplacing a bathroom vanity or doing a full remodel is something that you tackle once every 10 years or longer. Often it is a project that makes a new home yours but it can also be something you decide to do so you can extend your stay in your current home.

            Every person has their own personal desire of style and when …

            How To – Remodeling Kitchen Cabinets On A Budget

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              After a number of years of use your kitchen cabinets will need upgrading for appearance or function but the cost of ripping everything out and starting over can make you wonder if it is worth doing.

              Most realtors will tell you that Kitchen and bathroom upgrades will give you the most bang for the buck if the rest of your home is in general good condition. That means if you have other problem areas in …

              How To – Wood Filler And Repair Products To Hide Damage

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                No matter how nice you are to your cabinets, floors and furniture there is going to come a time when you cause some damage that needs to be repaired.

                The first thing you need to keep in mind when repairing damage is… no matter how well you do the job your in-laws will walk into your home and directly to the repaired object and stair at it throughout their visit.

                Another consideration is whether the repair …

                How To – Child Safety Locks

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                  There are things that kids shouldn’t get into but once they can walk its almost impossible to keep them out of anything. For this reason you really need to plan and organize your home anytime you introduce a danger.

                  This means you should examine where you store your pesticides, tools, cleaning products, medicines but because so many products can be a danger you really need to examine everything in …