How To – Child Safety Locks

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    There are things that kids shouldn’t get into but once they can walk its almost impossible to keep them out of anything. For this reason you really need to plan and organize your home anytime you introduce a danger.

    This means you should examine where you store your pesticides, tools, cleaning products, medicines but because so many products can be a danger you really need to examine everything in your house.

    Even when safety isn’t a concern there are somethings you just don’t want the kids to have access to. Extra Keys for the car Alcoholic Beverages, even your important papers so taking a few steps before there is a problem can make everyones life a little happier.

    For larger things you may want to set aside a special closet in the home and place a lock on the door. This is really easy and will give you a decent amount of space to keep things out of reach. Along with the lock you need to make sure the hinges on the door can’t be taken off. If the door opens into the closet this is easy but if it opens out into the room the hinge pins can be removed with a knife or screw driver. Replace the hinges with safety hinges.

    There are many different types of sliding and folding door locks and safety locks that can still provide you easy access while restricting access to your children.

    You should also think about restricting access to your appliances. There are a number of different locks for stoves and ovens that make it easy for you to use but difficult for the kids.

    Along with an oven lock you should inspect your oven for a tip restrictor plate. Most ranges that have a built in oven that are more then 5 years old do not have a restrictor plate installed. This means a child can open the oven door and stand on it to access the stove top. But when they do the whole range tips forward. To check if you have a restrictor plate open the door and press down the range should not move more then about an inch if it tips forward go to the store and get a restrictor plate they are often given out free or cost about $5 and are well worth having. Some attach to the leg others to the back wall so check your manual or bring your stove model number and make to the store with you.

    Bathrooms can also be a costly area when children learn to flush the toilet. If you find your child has just flushed all of mommies jewelry down the toilet you may be thinking of adoption but there are even locks for the toilet that will allow you to keep your mind and your child. heheh :o) Though using this type product is somewhat anti-productive because you want your kids to have easy access to the toilet.

    Bathroom safety is a serious concern and you may want to install a pedestal sink instead of a vanity in theĀ children’s bathroom with no storage of chemicals or other products.

    For smaller items when you can’t really change their location for instance pots and pans and utensils in the kitchen or cleaning products that you keep under a sink you can apply a child safety lock that either requires some type of key to open or will open when you press on a tab with the door slightly open.

    Now these devices will not keep older kids out and even a 3 year old may be able to open them because they are always watching you and learning how things work but Safety Locks can give you that extra couple moments you need to stop your kids before they get in trouble.

    You should also think about your exit doors. Small children may wonder outside at anytime and adding a door knob safety lock can allow mom and dad easy access while limiting access of children. Another choice may be a door chain mounted near the top of the door.

    And always remember if you have weapons whether they are guns, archery or other gear as simple as some fishing lures you want to keep them away from the kids in a locked area. If you are purchasing such an item it will require its own safety procedures and may require them by law so make sure you do the right thing and protect your children while protecting yourself.

    All in all you will never find enough locks or devices to help you through the panics of being a parent but if there are problem areas or you want to take some precautions then there is help.

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