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How To Pick A Good Property For Your Off Grid Homestead

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    There are a lot of people that are becoming interested in Homestead Living where you get away from the City and you live life out on your own. There are good and bad points about this type of lifestyle and before you jump in you should understand all of the resources and skills you will need so your experience is a good one.

    The most important part of Homestead Living is finding a piece of …

    How To Deal With A Very Slow Contractor

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      Ok so a friend just asked us how they can improve the contract time for some flood repair they are having done due to a burst water pipe. Their home is a single story house that is on a concrete slab. The plumbers are going to do the repair to the burst pipe under the slab and that should be completed in the next three days. After that they have to replace a large amount …

      How To Find The Best Place To Rent or Own

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        A lot of people ask me this question and I always have this one saying I tell them when they ask how to find the best place to live.

        No matter where you live there is always a better place that costs less and has more features than where you’re living now.

        And for the most part this is always going to be a true statement. No matter where you live because things change. Your neighborhood could …

        How To Buy Good Land for Homesteading

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          If you have ever thought about buying some land and putting your own home on it then you are not alone. A practice that has been around forever is now starting to gain popularity as people want to live in locations that give them peace of mind and privacy. Its called Homesteading. This is where the home you live in and the property its on is relatively self sustaining.

          Some people do this …

          How To Move From Renters to Home Buyers

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            At one point not long ago the cost of renting was well above the cost of buying a home but the problem was not many people could qualify for a mortgage. Today as people have been renting for extended periods that lost money that could have gone to paying down a home loan can be a disappointment and discourage you from continued searching.

            While the amazing deals that were available in foreclosed properties aren’t found …

            How To Avoid Mistakes When Downsizing at Retirement

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              Even if you have a large family there will come a point in your life when the home you live in is probably not manageable. When you get older it gets much more difficult to care for your home and do repairs and if you have to rely on contractors it can end up costing you your savings.

              Fixed budgets are not the best time to deal with a lot of bills and you …

              How To Complete Home Projects on a Budget

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                Other than actually completing the work, budgeting your home projects can be one of the more difficult tasks which limit things you might like to get done. This is true for any size project and most contractors will tell you that on your first few projects you should add 50% to the time and 15% to the cost of any job.

                Underestimation of cost and time which can also be labor costs if you …

                How To – What Types of Tile are Best for Bathroom Remodels?

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                  If you are considering remodeling your bathroom you have many different types of surfaces to select from and choose. As a matter of fact even though your bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in your home it will be one of the most complex rooms to design for and remodel.

                  You will have many different materials that you can choose to use to provide a look and feel and function that you will be …

                  How To – Moving Guide Taking care of Address and Other important Changes

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                    When you move there are many things on your mind and although getting all of your stuff to your new place may be foremost on your mind there are a lot of other things that you need to take care of.

                    The following guide should help you track down some of the things that people normally forget when moving.

                    Contact your local post office and apply for a change of address. This is very important because …

                    How To – Not Getting Ripped Off by Door To Door Contractors

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                      The contracting business is in a pretty difficult stage today however it has always been a problem that in good times and bad people get ripped off by fly by night .. here today gone tomorrow contractors.

                      This howto is not to say that all contractors that contact you first are bad. Many are looking for extra work to fill in their schedule and this is reasonable. However if you are going to contract with …