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How To – Tips for getting the best rates for Home Insurance

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    Whether you are purchasing a new home or evaluating your monthly bills it is important that when paying for insurance that you get a rate that will provide the most for your needs while not overpaying for services that you may not need.
    Using a Broker verses an Agent
    You may find that your insurance broker can provide you quotes from a variety of different companies based on the coverage that you …

    How To – Steps of Hiring a Realtor to Sell Your Home

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      If you have gone through the process of buying a home then you understand many steps of working with a realtor however when selling your home you want to get the most money for your house that you can. This means you have to approach the process a little different then you would if you have money or a loan and just want to buy that nice house you found online, in the paper …

      How To – Understanding Home Owner Associations Good And Bad

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        Today there seems to be a growing appeal for developers to build tracks of houses that are linked together in a Home Owner’s Association. The use of these organizations often benefits both the builder and local government but can often cause problems for the persons who buy homes in these areas.

        Unfortunately most people don’t truly understand that by buying a home in a area with a HOA you are giving up your rights. Most …

        ABC Extreme Makeover Home Edition To Build 7 Homes In Joplin MO

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          I really love watching home building shows I guess it was watching Bob Villa when I was young and then when HGTV first started it was excellent… The same was true for Home Makeover on ABC but it was really the decorating shows that started showing up on HGTV that ended the whole industry of home repair television…. It was really pretty sad… I am not sure why the shows went away and the …

          Months After Disaster 7500 Homes Lost – Only 350 New Permits Issued In Joplin, MO

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            In what is one of the worst tragedies in recent memory Tornadoes wiped clean the homes of thousands and with winter approaching only a handful of homes have even been permitted by local officials for rebuilding.

            Over 7500 homes were lost along with a town of businesses large and small back in May of 2011.

            Some empty lots have “For Sale By Owner” signs on them, others are listed through agencies. A neighbor that is rebuilding says people are …

            How To – Buying A Home And Understanding What Not To Nitpick About

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              Recently someone was telling me about this couple they know who were buying their first home after living in an Apartment for the first 5 years of their marriage.

              The couple had some very different thoughts about what aspects of different homes were right for them. Both of the spouses were college educated. The wife was working in business and the husband was a new graduate lawyer.

              When I was hearing the description of what they …

              Sales Plummet – The Top Worst States For New Home Building Permits

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                New homes are built primarily by large developers that buy a track of land and put up dozens or hundreds of homes at a time.

                Everyone knows that this type of building is now a thing of the past but individual custom homes also make up a large number of sales.

                Custom homes are built on land that the buyer owns or contracts to buy in conjunction with the building of a one off home.

                The home …

                Forclosure Data For July 2011 Things Are Looking Bad

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                  July 2011 Foreclosures skyrocketThis is a listing of the ten states with the highest foreclosure rates for July.

                  As you can see Nevada tops the list with One out of every 115 homes currently under foreclosure.

                  The second number is the actual number of homes that were foreclosed on in that state.
                  California with the largest population has a lower ratio but the highest number of people effected.

                  No matter how you look at these figures when you …

                  Housing Market To Drop 20% Causing 2012 Recession

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                    Housing market analysts expect a 20% drop in home values in 2012 that will trigger another fall in the economy.
                    This new failure will be caused by a mixture of continued foreclosures and a glut of homes that can not be sold.

                    Gary Shilling a major forecaster of the original housing market failure says we can expect the 2012 recession “no matter what action the Fed takes.” This is a rather interesting statement on top of criticism of previous …

                    How To – Renters Insurance What Is Covered And Cost

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                      For most renters it is not a bad idea to purchase insurance to cover your personal items. This is always best when you are renting from a commercial business rather then simply paying a relative to provide you a room in their private home.  However when you apply for renters insurance you should understand that not every incident is covered. You should also decide on the amount of coverage you want and what deductible …