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How To Pick A Good Property For Your Off Grid Homestead

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    There are a lot of people that are becoming interested in Homestead Living where you get away from the City and you live life out on your own. There are good and bad points about this type of lifestyle and before you jump in you should understand all of the resources and skills you will need so your experience is a good one.

    The most important part of Homestead Living is finding a piece of …

    How To Get A Great Lawn With Sod Or Hydroseeding

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      One of our Canadian friends is asking about a new lot home that has just been finished. It was an owner built with some contractors to provide help and now he is at the point where he needs a nice yard.

      He has been asking around about the costs of putting in a sod lawn and we also wanted to talk with him about the options of Hydroseeding. His main concern is the cost of …

      How To Not Get Screwed On A New Concrete Driveway

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        A Friend is asking about a concrete job they just contracted for. They live in a Southern State and the driveway will be 16 feet wide and 70 feet long with an additional slab near their carport at the home for additional parking.

        The contractor was suggested to them by other contractors that are backed up with work. He has said he is licensed and insured but hasn’t provided proof of it yet and even …

        How To Clean Up A Crumbled Concrete Pathway In Your Backyard

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          A Friend asks us how can they clean up the pathway in their backyard to make it look better and to improve its condition. Its a 3 foot wide concrete pathway that was placed on the back of the home to help with diverting rain away from the home. There is actually a pretty big grate in the path on the side of the home which diverts water out into the street and their …

          How To Cut Out The Lawn Care Service And Have A Great Yard For Very Little Money

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            A friend is asking for some help with their yard. It seems that they have a few neighbors that are complaining about their property and they don’t have a lot of money to hire professional services.So, we are going to take this opportunity to give a few secrets we have learned over the years to manage your yard and home to get the most out of it for very little money.

            Honestly if you are …

            How To Ten Things You Should Know Before You Plant Trees In Your Yard

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              If you are doing some landscaping or maybe you just purchased a new home and are getting ready to plant a few Trees there are some precautions that you should consider before picking Trees that will outgrow your home.

              When considering trees that are near your home you have many factors to consider.

              First is will the tree spread end up extending over your home. This is really not a good thing and all areas will …

              How To Planning Your Backyard Patio Before You Get In Too Deep

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                Many people love sitting in their backyard after work or playing with the kids and they want to improve what they have but sometimes they get these grand ideas before really considering what fits with their property.

                Before you begin any job it is important to plan it out and understand not only how it will look but how it will function for many years to come.

                A friend is starting a new backyard project that …

                How To Know If Bulk Wood Mulch Is Ok For Your Garden

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                  If your garden uses a large amount of Mulch around trees and near vegetables you probably have thought about having a bulk delivery of Mulch to reduce costs and to ease with the install but there are some things you should know before you jump right in and cover your garden with mulch.

                  In our gardens there are two primary areas: The vegetable garden and the rest of the yard.

                  Vegetable gardens must have extreme care when …

                  How To Kill Weeds in your Vegetable Garden

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                    The last couple years I have been neglecting my vegetable garden. We had a really bad rainy summer about 3 years back and it got hit by some blight and I figured I would let it set a while. Its small but I do rotate crops but eventually the soil will get mixed through and whatever problems I had will takeover the whole garden.

                    While it was sitting the weeds took it over. I would go …

                    How To Fix A Brick Paver Patio that has Sinking Problems

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                      One of our friends just had their brick patio repaired by a contractor and after about a week and some hard rain it seems that there is some out of level and sinking problems in the center of the patio.

                      He says that the patio is made from brick pavers laid in a basket weave pattern. The workers laid them on top tamped and leveled sand, and then filled sand in around them. After a …