How To Remove Mold and Re-grout a Tile Shower Stall

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    In this How To we will be covering the maintenance of a tile shower stall that has become very moldy.

    A person asks what the best method to cure and them prevent black mold from growing in their shower stall. They also ask about grout sealers and specifically hydrophobic liquids that are now being used to protect painted surfaces.
    How to cure Mold problems in Tile Shower Stalls
    A properly designed and maintained shower should not become …

    How To – What is the proper Thinset, Mortar or Adhesive for your Tile Install?

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      When installing tile there are a variety of different compounds that can be used to attach it to the substrate. They come in everything from a tube adhesive to mortar beds mixed from sand and portland cement and each has its best application.

      In addition to the material is the way it is applied. Most bonding compounds that are used to apply tile must be used with a notched trawl which will cause voids between the …

      How To – When Replacing Tile on a Mortar Bed do I need to remove the old Mortar Bed?

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        If you are remodeling an older home one that was built prior to 1965 then there is a high probability that the tiles in your bathroom are placed on a 1 – 1/2 inch thick mortar bed.

        Mortar beds are really the best way to install tile in a wood frame home because they provide a thick stable surface that will not cause your tile to crack.

        The Problem with mortar beds in older homes is that …

        How To – Choosing the Right Underlayment Backer Material for Tile Installs

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          When you are performing a Tile install in your Bathroom or Kitchen it is important to know the correct way to prepare the area for Tile.

          Some surfaces like concrete floors can take tile directly however if you are installing tile in a bathroom or an area that will have water or high traffic then you must take precautions and use the correct wall backing material or floor underlayment to make sure your tile has a …

          How To – What Types of Tile are Best for Bathroom Remodels?

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            If you are considering remodeling your bathroom you have many different types of surfaces to select from and choose. As a matter of fact even though your bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in your home it will be one of the most complex rooms to design for and remodel.

            You will have many different materials that you can choose to use to provide a look and feel and function that you will be …

            How To – Selecting the right plywood for residential construction

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              There are a variety of locations within your home where plywood is used.  Plywood can be constructed of either layers of wood that are glued together or chips of wood that are oriented to obtain a specific structural strength.

              Standard plywood is made of layers that are glued together.  When logs go through a plywood mill a thin layer of wood is stripped from the logs in a similar method to a pencil sharpener.  These …

              How To – Tips that make Shopping for Carpet Much Easier and Cheaper

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                Most home owners will eventually end up shopping for carpet but unfortunately the process can leave many consumers feel that they are getting less then what they are paying for and not liking the support they get from their sales representatives.

                The best way to shop for carpet is to give yourself enough time to understand the product and services required to complete your order.

                You will need to buy and install the carpet but you …

                How To – Choosing the right Tile Product

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                  There are many different types of tile products and within each group there are different levels of quality.

                  In this HowTo we will cover the wide range of tile and tile like products from high fired porcelain decorative tile to 4’x8′ sheet tile board.

                  The first thing you have to do is define where the tile will be installed. Products that are made for walls are not usually durable enough for walking on or to be used on countertops and other high …

                  How To – Is A Sub-Floor Necessary To Install Carpet In Your Basement?

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                    Many people finish their basements to add a playroom for the kids a recreation room for the family or even another bedroom for family and guests.

                    When converting your basement to a finished living space there are many considerations including whether to put insulation in the walls,  whether to drywall or add a drop ceiling and what type of flooring will make that drab underground area feel comfortable to live in.

                    If your home has a …

                    How To – Replacing Broken Ceramic Tile

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                      Whether its on your wall or floor there are times when you will need to replace a broken tile that has been chipped or cracked.

                      Chips in the glaze come from direct impacts but cracks in tile can happen from both impacts and a flexing subfloor. This is why you often see the tiles in front of refrigerators cracked from rolling out the fully loaded appliance to clean behind it. The weight of the refrigerator …