How To Pick The Right Flooring For Your Basement

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    A friend is asking about his basement and considering putting down some type of flooring to finish off the basement. He hasn’t asked about all other tasks that come along with finishing your basement but he is at the point where he has asked a few contractors what they think and we thought it would be a good time to go over what materials work best in your basement.

    For many people the concrete flooring …

    How To Lay Tile In A New Shower Install Do The Floor Or Walls First?

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      This is a common question that I get a lot and there is some debate on which is better to install first the floor tile or the wall tile when you are installing a shower surround made of Tile.

      The first thing that you have to consider is that in all other places in your home when you are installing materials where water is a problem you want to start at the bottom and then …

      How To Lay Tile In An Older Home That Does Not Have A Plywood Subfloor

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        A friend of ours is asking about a bathroom upgrade that they are planning and they are wondering about the best method for installing a tile floor in their bathroom over an existing board subfloor. They are wondering if they should remove the old subfloor or supplement it with a plywood subfloor before installing their cement backer board and then their tiles.

        This is a common situation for any home that was built in the …

        How To Clean Really Dirty Grout Lines In Your Kitchen Or Bathroom

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          One of our friends asks about cleaning some really stained tile grout in their kitchen. It seems that over the years the grout has just got darker and darker. Its not a small area it is most of the kitchen that has the problem so it is most likely due to dirt buildup and not mold.

          If the problem is in one general location such as near a sink or outside door or in the case …

          How To Deal With A Very Slow Contractor

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            Ok so a friend just asked us how they can improve the contract time for some flood repair they are having done due to a burst water pipe. Their home is a single story house that is on a concrete slab. The plumbers are going to do the repair to the burst pipe under the slab and that should be completed in the next three days. After that they have to replace a large amount …

            How To Pour A New Concrete Slab Over An Older Damage Slab

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              A friend asks about their garage floor that they are using as an exercise room and is wondering what is the best method they can use to level the floor with a new slab placed on top of it. The existing job was performed maybe 40 years ago along with deterioration there are many cracks and unlevel areas. They are also wondering about a smooth vs brushed finish for the floor. They have talked with …

              How To Removing Linoleum Tile From Wood

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                A friend that is remodeling their kitchen wants to remove their old linoleum flooring from wood wood floor that is under it. At that point they will make a decision if the wood floor is worth saving or if they will need to go with something else.

                Unfortunately removing old linoleum can be a difficult task because the tar based mastic that was used to attach it to the substraight many years ago is a really …

                How To Choose Between Real Wood and Wood Look Tile

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                  A friend is thinking of installing new flooring in their Living Room / Great Room and they are trying to make the choice of a wood floor which they want or a tile alternative that looks like wood.

                  They are considering the ceramic tile alternatives not the commercial grade fake rubber wood that you see in restaurants but in all reality neither product is wood and neither product is going to give them that wood floor …

                  How To Removing Thinset Before you can apply New Tile

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                    A friend that is remodeling their bathroom asks about preparing the surface for new mortar.

                    I rented a chipper hammer and was able to take out the tile fairly easily. Now the thinset remains. Do I need to do a perfect job here? My understanding is that I want to make it as flat as possible to make my life easier when I trowel over it with new thinset.

                    When you are preparing a bathroom for tiling there …

                    How To Refinish Old Beat Up Floors in a Victorian Home

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                      A friend asks a question about some wood floors he discovered under his carpeting. The home is pretty old and as you will see the floors are distressed but no large cracks or heavy gashes.

                      He says I have never done any flooring work so I have a couple questions.What should I fill the cracks in with? Should I just leave them and let them fill with polyurethane? What kind of sander is best? I’ve …