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How To Understand Contractor Liability Insurance And Homeowner Responsibility

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    If you are looking to hire a contractor to work on your property there are some precautions that you should take before signing any contract and committing to having them perform the work. Simply because a contractor hands you a piece of paper that they want you to sign doesn’t mean that you have to agree to it. It may mean that they won’t perform the work if you don’t agree to all of …

    How To understand Home Building Codes before you begin a project

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      Depending on your location and the project that you want to complete there are a variety of different building codes that you must comply with or your project may require hours of fixes or possibly even a complete tare out and do over.

      For the most part these regulations help you the home owner or contractor complete a project that follows minimal requirements and standards for safety but when you get into regulations targeted at historic …

      Alabama Holds Contractor Job Fair After Illegal Immigration Law Enacted

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        Alabama Home Builder Associations are holding Job Fairs after the States new standards against hiring illegal aliens has been enacted.

        The penalty provision that would shut down a business found to hire an illegal immigrant for 15 days after the first offense. On a second offense, a contractor’s license could be suspended. On the third offense, a company would permanently lose its license to do business in Alabama.

        An estimated 185,000 illegal aliens work in the Alabama Construction …

        How To – Consumers Guide Working With Contractors And Understanding Project Timelines

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          Contract completion times are one of the most common complaints by consumers however by asking a few questions up front most of the headaches can be eliminated.

          Like no other business Remodeling and Building Contractors are always blamed for longer then expected completion times, delays in service while the work is being completed and delays before work begins. In some cases the blame is justified however in many cases it is just miscommunication of all of the …

          Alabama Home Building Associations

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            Home Builders Association of Alabama
            7515 Halcyon Summit Dr., Suite 200
            Montgomery, AL 36117
            Tel: 334-834-3006
            Toll Free: 1-800-745-4222

            Athens/ Limestone Home Builders Association
            Kaye Pepper
            21672 New Garden Road
            Elkmont, Alabama 35620
            Tel: 256.732.3057
            Fax: 256.232.9902

            Baldwin County Home Builders Association
            Fran Druse
            P.O. Box 1067
            Fairhope, Alabama 36533
            916 Plantation Blvd.
            Fairhope, Alabama 36532
            Tel: 334.928.9927
            Fax: Tel: 334.928.9929

            Blount County Home Builders Association
            Mary Jackson
            P. O. Box 571
            Oneonta, Alabama 35121
            Tel: 205.274.9803

            Chilton County Home Builders Association
            Needra Little
            801 County Road 408
            Clanton, Alabama 35045
            Tel: 205.688.4186
            Fax: 205.688.4199

            Cullman County Home Builders Association
            David Garrison
            P.O. Box 1875
            Cullman, Alabama 35056
            Tel: 256.739.5110
            Fax: 256.739.5110

            Decatur Home Builders Association
            Rosemary …

            How To – Construction Project Timeline Management & General Contracting

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              Whether you are working on your own home or building homes for others one of the most important tasks in General Contracting and project management is understanding and planing your task timeline.  As the saying goes you can’t put the cart before the horse but even if you know you need a horse and a cart there are so many other factors before you can take the ride.

              Smaller projects like planting a garden can …

              How To – Can I Withhold Final Payment From My Contractor?

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                Recently someone asked if they could fire their contractor at the end of the job and withhold final payment because the finishes and decorating in the new addition they had added to their home were not of good quality and the final completion date was two months past a three month completion estimate given in the contract.

                There are two questions in this question. First was the work completed in a workman like fashion and …

                Individual Health Insurance For Private Contractors

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                  If you are a private contractor Health Insurance can be a big concern.

                  Purchasing insurance as an individual can be expensive and the availability of plans may not be the same as offered in other businesses.

                  The first place to look for Health Care options is with your business insurance broker. The same company that handles your liability insurance can often offer plans at a decent price to cover you and your family.

                  The next option you …

                  Farmers Market Associations

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                    Across the country there are many different types of professional farmers markets and even home grown roadside vendors that share the extra produce from their gardens.

                    You probably have your own favorite market but the USDA has helped farmers setup associations to promote their produce sales.

                    If you are a farmer and would like to join or if you are a consumer and would just like to take a day trip to a market in your location here are some of the …

                    Directory of Governmental Resources and Offices covering Pesticides

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                      Directory of Governmental Resources and Offices covering Pesticides

                      Department of Agriculture
                      Division of Plant Protection and Pesticides
                      PO BOX 3336
                      Montgomery, AL 36109-0336
                      (334) 240-7171



                      Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
                      Environmental Health
                      500 S Alaska St
                      Palmer, AK 99645-6340
                      (907) 745-3236


                      Arizona Department of Agriculture
                      Environmental Services
                      1688 W Adams
                      Phoenix, AZ 85007
                      (800) 223-0618
                      (602) 255-3664
                      (602) 542-3579

                      Arizona Structural Pest Control
                      9545 East Double Tree Ranch Rd
                      Scottsdale, AZ 85258

             State Plant Board
                      Division of Feeds, Fertilizers and Pesticides
                      #1 Natural Resource Dr
                      PO BOX 1069
                      Little Rock, AR …