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How to Drill a Square Hole Without Special Tools

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    So this is a quick question from one of our friends. They ask how do you make a square hole in something without special tools?

    This is pretty common and depending on the material you are working with the tools you will use will be slightly different but it is possible to make pretty good square holes in things with common tools you probably have in your shop.

    The first thing you need to do is …

    How To Choose an Impact Wrench / Gun – Battery, Electric or Air Pneumatic

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      If you have some bolts that need tightening or loosening you basically have two choices.. you can use a large socket wrench or breaker bar to remove them manually or you can use an Impact Wrench to reduce the labor needed to complete the task.

      Now there are times and I have seen it in many shops where a bolt that needs to be tightened is inappropriately tightened with an impact wrench. I have …

      How to Deal with Project Delays and Downtime

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        No matter if you are building an entire home or working on something much smaller there are times in your projects where you have downtime. This might be because you need to wait for an inspection, subcontractor or just because you hit a roadblock that requires rethinking your approach. Whatever the reason it happens to us all and it is no different in other trades. How many times have you heard the term …

        How to plan and remeber your home projects

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          There are always things to do around the home whether it is the regular weekly tasks of cleaning and management or larger projects that take planning and setting aside of time to complete.

          The one group of tasks that seems to get by me are the things you need to do to prepare for different seasons of the year. There are always things that you need to do to make your home ready whether it …

          How To Optimize your time to take care of your home

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            There are  thousands of things we do around our home every year just to keep it in good shape and whether you are young or old the time it takes seems like a second job that keeps you away from your life. It really doesn’t matter what size your home is either. No matter if you live in a 100 acre estate or a single wide mobile home there are always things that keep …

            How To Select the Right Gloves for your Garage and Home Projects

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              Whether you are swapping out an engine or working on your brakes one of the last things we all seem to forget is putting on a pair of gloves to protect our hands. In this how to we will look at your options for hand protection for your Garage projects.

              If you are a professional your hands will come into contact with a lot of dangerous chemicals over a long period of time. Where a weekend …

              How To – Cleaning and Restoring Work and Dress Boots

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                Taking care of your boots means they will last longer and look better but it also increases your comfort and that can make your work day a whole lot easier.

                Whether you work at new construction sites or like to wear boots as a main footwear choice there are some pretty easy steps to take from the time you first buy your boots.

                Many high end stores will or at least use to offer to seal …

                How To – The Philosophy Behind Home Repair – Knowing what you can do Yourself

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                  Most projects around the home can be performed by the average home owner however there are millions of people that would never even attempt the smallest project because they don’t have a belief that they can do things on their own.

                  This is a pretty sad way to look at life.. feeling that you are unable to do something that others can do and most of the time its simply because you don’t believe in …

                  How To – Removing Rust from Tools and Keeping them Rust Free

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                    Every mechanic and tradesman has had to deal with rust on their tools. Often it happens from leaving them out at night or not cleaning them before you put them away.

                    Depending on the tool you might actually ruin it past repair if it gets rusty. If you leave any precision tool like a torque wrench or micrometer out without cleaning it or place it in a tool box that has moisture in it you …

                    How To – Planning For Your Home Office

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                      The largest percentage of growth is in home run or small businesses but when planing your office it is important to make choices that let you run more efficiently then a large business.  This means you must know the demands of your customer and structure your business to meet all their needs. Think about it if you want a job done you want it done right and and price and performance are a big …