How to Deal with Project Delays and Downtime

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    No matter if you are building an entire home or working on something much smaller there are times in your projects where you have downtime. This might be because you need to wait for an inspection, subcontractor or just because you hit a roadblock that requires rethinking your approach. Whatever the reason it happens to us all and it is no different in other trades. How many times have you heard the term Writer’s Block.. well it happens.

    The best thing to do in this situation is to step back for a moment and think. Take a break from what you are doing and concentrate on something really easy like cleaning up your work site. At the very least cleaning up your tools and getting rid of debris will make the work that much easier once you can get back to work.

    One thing I find useful is to do something completely different for a short time. If you have a big project you will have many tasks to complete. Although most of them should be done in order there are some that can be done at any point.

    For instance if you are remodeling a kitchen and need a framing or electrical inspection before you can close up the walls and install cabinets you might be able to take some time and contact your suppliers about how their work is coming. Find out if they are on time or if you are expecting a delivery you might even have to delay it for a few days so materials aren’t piling up on the work site.

    If you are working in your own home you have the benefit of juggling many different things you need to do around the house. Head outside and cut the grass that you planed to do in a couple days and that will open up time later in the week when you need it due to your current project delay.

    The primary thing to do is keep yourself busy to avoid frustration.

    Look at the overall project and work on things that can be done.

    If you can’t continue at all then find other things in your life or job that can be done to free up time down the road.

    And most important never get mad. Life will happen and you need to live it. If you get mad at yourself or others that are working with you it just makes life a pain in the butt.

    Do your best .. because that is all you ever can do.. your best.

    Final Note

    If you are completing a huge project like building a whole home or adding a very large addition there will be a variety of things that you can keep in your pocket to take up this slack.

    For smaller jobs just realize sometimes its better to walk away from things than power through them .. that is unless you are repairing a dam that is about to burst .. then you just have to power through it the best you can. But for everything else.. give yourself a break and take one.



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