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How To – Removing Rust from Tools and Keeping them Rust Free

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    Every mechanic and tradesman has had to deal with rust on their tools. Often it happens from leaving them out at night or not cleaning them before you put them away.

    Depending on the tool you might actually ruin it past repair if it gets rusty. If you leave any precision tool like a torque wrench or micrometer out without cleaning it or place it in a tool box that has moisture in it you …

    How To – Planning For Your Home Office

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      The largest percentage of growth is in home run or small businesses but when planing your office it is important to make choices that let you run more efficiently then a large business.  This means you must know the demands of your customer and structure your business to meet all their needs. Think about it if you want a job done you want it done right and and price and performance are a big …

      How To – Converting Your Garage To A Wood Workshop

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        Search : 300W Halogen Shop LightWhether you are a hobbyist or a professional that works from your home converting your residence living area to a workspace requires a lot of proper planing and use of the right materials to make sure your family is protected.

        So what considerations are important when converting an attached garage to year round workspace if you are a wood worker?
        Although the lighting in your garage may be good enough for small …

        How To – Choosing And Installing Garage Shelves

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          Storage is an important part of any Garage or Workshop and there are many options available to you from ones you make yourself to professional grade solutions that are suited for specific tasks.

          If you are outfitting your garage for storage you might find yourself in a predicament of how much money should you spend. This is a problem as professional tool boxes can run into the thousands of dollars. The important thing to …