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How To Control Your Heating and Cooling Bill With A Range Limited Tamper Proof Thermostat

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    Do you have kids or family that lives with you? Maybe you are sharing a home and the heating bills are too high. Maybe you are renting a home for income and you need to place limits on how hot and cold your guests can make it while you’re away.

    Whatever the reason simply telling people to not adjust the thermostat settings is never enough.

    A friend of ours asks about this problem because he has a …

    How To Get A Free Home Energy Audit

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      During the extreme months of the year our energy bills really make us think about what improvements we could make to reduce our utility costs and improve the comfort of our home. Unfortunately the middle of winter or hottest days of the summer really aren’t the best time to perform the work but we will go over a few things that might help until temperatures are better.

      The first thing you want to do is compare …

      How To Fix A Dangerous Problem of an Oil Heater and Wood Stove Sharing a Chimney

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        In this how to a friend is asking about a problem they are having with their oil heater however the problem is much worse than they really understand. The situation is that they live in a home with Oil Heat and over the past few years the cost of Oil has been astronomical. To the point that some people replace their oil heaters with gas heat if available and others end up replacing older oil …

        How To Perform a do it yourself Home Energy Audit

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          A friend that just bought a 1927 home is wondering what they can do to improve their home insulation and reduce their heating and cooling bills. Although best results would come from having a professional perform a home energy audit it is easy enough to do some of the steps yourself and see what types of results you can get before taking the next step of paying someone to audit your home.

          Some electric and gas …

          How To Quick Guide to Saving Money on your Home Gas Bill

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            In this guide we will look at some tips that should save you money during the heating season and maybe some money on the rest of the season too. The first thing you should do when assessing your Natural Gas or Propane bill is get a history of your account. You want to know not only the amounts that you have been paying but the volume of gas that you have been using because gas …

            How To Water Company installed Larger Supply Line now my Water Heater Pressure Valve is Leaking

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              A friend of ours writes that the water company dug up their road and installed a new larger supply pipe in his street. They also installed a Check Valve to reduce Back Flow. Now his Water Heater Pressure Valve is leaking and he is wondering what he should do.

              The first thing to understand is when water is heated in your water heater it expands. This expansion can be dangerous and they can actually explode …

              How To Decisions When Completing a Fireplace Remodel

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                If you have been sitting around looking at your old fireplace for half the season you may be contemplating upgrading or remodeling the outside of your fireplace and mantel to give it a new look. In this how to will look at some of the ways you can upgrade your fireplace and what precautions you need to take when remodeling your fireplace.

                The first thing you should understand is the materials chosen …

                How To Get a good deal on firewood for your home

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                  Heating your home with firewood is an easy way to reduce your energy costs. Unfortunately if your property is not large enough to support large trees then you will have to look other places to obtain your firewood for the season. Many people will receive an order of firewood at the beginning of the season from a distributor. Often you can find a distributor of firewood listed at your …

                  How To Repair a Fireplace Firebox

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                    Overtime everyone with a fireplace will need to do some type of repairs and it is extremely important that the repairs are done right. For my own peace of mind I would not attempt any major repair to a Fireplace unless I had been properly trained by working with someone who was a professional. I have worked on wood burning fireplace, Oil Heat Chimneys, and Gas Heat Vent systems as a contractor but as …

                    How To Supplement Your Home Heating With A Wood Stove

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                      With the high price of home heating fuels and the often sketchy availability of Oil or Natural Gas in the Dead of Winter many home owners are looking to Fireplaces and Wood Burning Stoves as a Primary or Secondary Method of heating their home.

                      In this How To we will look at the option of using a Wood Burning Stove for Secondary or Backup Heating in Emergency situations.

                      There are many concerns when adding a wood …