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How To – Quick Fix to Low Humidity Levels due to Winter Heating

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    http://www.yourepair.com/yrblog/wp-content/HLIC/ba19bf1be3a1937579b851bd0612f685.jpgIt has been so cold this winter and if you are like the rest of America you have been listening to your heater cycle on and off and wondering about your next electric and oil or gas bill.

    On top of paying for higher heating costs you may have found that your home is getting very dry and its causing you dry sinuses, dry skin and just making you feel uncomfortable.

    There are some high dollar solutions …

    How To – Using a Swimming Pool Cooler for Hot Summer Days

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      http://www.yourepair.com/yrblog/wp-content/HLIC/cf339f66ba984c49aa457c3a2d6df1db.jpgWhile most people in Northern States have heard of Pool Heaters that allow you to use your pool early in the spring and later into the fall months there is an opposite problem for people that live in warmer climates and thats hot pool water.

      Water will naturally hold heat and it is often used in home heating systems to store hot water from solar panels to warm homes.. This is a big problem …

      How To – Staying Warm During a Winter Power Outage

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        Every winter you hear of people dieing from storms that cause power outages and for the most part none of these accidents need to happen if you plan ahead and understand how to properly operate supplemental heating systems.

        If you are accustomed to hunting and camping in the winter months then you understand that keeping warm means following basic rules.

        First before we get started it is important to know your limits. If you find that …

        How To – Checkup Checklist for Heating Systems

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          Whether you have oil or gas heat you should inspect your systems at least once a year to make sure they are in proper working condition.

          Many oil heating companies will offer a cleaning service and perform the work in the summer to offset labor times that are normally Oil and Emergency calls in the winter.

          The following checklist can be performed by a technician or you if you feel you are capable.

          Cleaning of furnaces and …

          How To – Checkup Checklist for Cooling & Heat Pumps Systems

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            Heat Pump systems can provide a home’s full heating needs or act as a primary source of heating and when paired with the correct unit it can also act as an air conditioning system in the summer months.

            Independent Air Conditioning systems are similar to heat pumps but only provide cooling in the summer months.

            Each of these systems need specialized service at scheduled times. Some of the work you can perform on your own while …

            How To – Water Heater Timers Can Reduce Electric Costs 15%

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              Lets face it everything costs more then it did a few years ago and electric bills are just another monthly cost that will never go away (unless you go solar).  So, reducing consumption is your best bet and wasted use is something you never want happening in your home.

              Although water heaters are highly insulated and you can improve its efficiency with the use of Heat Traps and external insulation blankets your heater is running …

              How To – Heat Pump Water Heaters are they a good choice for your home?

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                A new type of heat pump water heater is now on the market based on standard heat pump technology it could provide up to 50 to 70% better efficiency then a standard electric water heater.

                The design is pretty simple to understand it basically works the opposite way that your refrigerator does.

                If you have ever had to pull your refrigerator away from the wall you saw that there are large cooling tubes on the back …

                How To – Installing Water Heater Heat Traps to Save Money

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                  Heating water in your home is a year round necessity but most people don’t realize that like a leaky door or window jam loses you heat the pipes connected to your water heater can be sucking money out of your pocket.

                  Anytime there is a heated and unheated substance whether it be air, liquid or a solid next to each other the heat will transfer to the cold item. In our attics and walls we …